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We have reduced our CO2 emissions significantly

Haglöfs’ 2023 Sustainability Report is out and it reveals a 62% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the previous year. However, it does not mean we have met our net zero target. Although Haglöfs continued to take concrete actions to reduce emissions in 2023, the drastic emissions reduction is primarily due to the year’s complex macroeconomic environment that resulted in lower consumer demand for full-priced products and overstock issues in the industry. We responded by producing less gear and selling more of our existing stock, which led to a lower emissions output.

“As we anticipate a return to normal production levels in the coming years, we must continue our efforts to reduce emissions,” says Fredrik Ohlsson, CEO at Haglöfs. “For us, this means continuing our ongoing work of switching to lower-impact materials, transitioning to more efficient factories and production processes, phasing out coal usage, and increasing renewable energy across our supply chain.”

Haglöfs’ annual Sustainability Report details the progress and challenges faced in the previous year regarding our efforts to promote responsible consumption and production, contribute to decent working conditions, and reduce our carbon footprint.

In 2023, Haglöfs focused on further integrating sustainability into our business strategy and taking several key actions to enable progress towards our social and environmental sustainability commitments. Among the year’s highlights, we established a local sourcing office in Asia, where most of our products are made, in order to have more influence on day-to-day operations.

“Opening our Asia sourcing office marks a very important step for us, as it will enable us to place higher demands on fair working conditions and support a faster transition to renewable energy and lower-impact materials,” says Fredrik Ohlsson.

We also continued work to consolidate the factories we partner with as we aim to only work with those aligned with our sustainability ambitions, including prioritizing human rights and social responsibility improvements.

To learn more about how Haglöfs navigated 2023 and made progress towards our goals, read Haglöfs’ 2023 Sustainability Report here.