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Product fail? It’s on us.

December 2023

How we continue to take responsibility for our products after you’ve purchased them

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to deliver high-quality, high-performance gear, a product fails due to a manufacturing or material defect. That’s why we have a Lifetime Warranty. It’s one of the ways we take responsibility for the things we make to ensure they do the job we built them to do—and keep up with your adventures for as long as possible.

What is our Lifetime Warranty?
Through the Haglöfs Lifetime Warranty, we guarantee to the original owner of any Haglöfs product that we'll repair or replace any product that fails due to a manufacturing or material defect

Our warranty covers the typical useful lifetime of a product. How long is that? Well, it depends on a number of factors such as the product type and age, how it has been used, and the type of issue involved, and is determined at the discretion of an authorized Haglöfs Customer Service representative.

Of course, a life well lived in the outdoors leads to some normal wear or tear. It’s good to know that the warranty does not cover that, nor any damage caused by accidents. It might go without saying that the warranty also does not cover damage caused by improper care, neglect, misuse, modifications, or the natural breakdown of colors, adhesives, and materials over extended time and use.

Your product is covered by the warranty. Now what?
Over the years, we’ve found that most defective products are repairable—and repair is always our first choice. After all, a manufacturing defect shouldn’t mean that the next stop for an otherwise perfectly functional product is the landfill. So, if we find that a product is covered by our warranty, we’ll offer a free repair. In the cases where a repair is not possible, we’ll offer a replacement product of equivalent value.

All we ask is that you bring the product to the original point of purchase, or one of our stores, for evaluation. Make sure you have proof of purchase. (Always, always save proof of purchase!) We’ll take care of the cost of repair and the return shipping.

If you would like to learn more about our Lifetime Warranty and how to request a repair or replacement, visit: https://www.haglofs.com/en/warranty

Wait—what if you need to fix an issue that is not covered by the warranty?
Accidents happen out there. If your product gets ripped by a sharp rock or scorched by a campfire spark, it is not covered by the warranty. But all hope is not lost. Our customer service is here to give you advice on where you can fix the product in your local area. Same thing if you need a spare part like a buckle or zipper pull, reach out to our customer service team or one of our stores and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Product care tips
When you take proper care of your gear, it lasts longer. Discover some easy care and repair tips here: https://www.haglofs.com/en/care-and-repair