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Get in touch as soon as you become aware of the issue, ensuring you have your proof of purchase at hand and that the product labels with the serial number have not been removed, altered or made illegible.

1. If you have bought your product in the last couple of years, then we recommend getting in touch in the first place with the retailer where you purchased your product (unless you are specifically looking for a repair, see below).

2. If the issue is related to the waterproof, windproof or breathability performance of a GORE-TEX product covered by the Guaranteed to Keep You Dry warranty then you also have to option of getting in touch directly with GORE-TEX customer service who are best positioned to evaluate these products.

3. If you purchased your product directly from Haglöfs or you would like to request a repair:

Come into a Haglöfs store where our staff can talk you through the options or get in touch with our customer service team who will advise on the best course of action. In your communication, please provide the following information as described on the care label:

  1. Product name, e.g. Selja Jacket
  2. 6-digit style ID number, e.g. 604371
  3. Description of the issue
  4. One detailed picture on the issue and one picture of the whole product to help locate the issue
  5. Picture of the product label, where the 7 digit production code is printed.
  6. Proof of purchase
  7. The customer service team will generate a reference number and send you instructions by email on where to ship your product. Do not send in your product to Haglöfs before receiving the reference number.
  8. For hygiene reasons, and to ensure the best possible repair outcome, product sent to Haglöfs customer service or repair centres must be clean otherwise you will be charged for the cost to return or wash the product.

Note: This commercial warranty does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer, such as your right to the legal guarantee. 


FAQ Warranty

  • My Haglöfs product is faulty; what do I do?

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your product. With your proof of purchase at hand you have the following options: 1) If the item was recently purchased, we recommend getting in touch with the original retailer as they will have a hassle-free returns procedure set up. 2) Come into a Haglöfs store where our staff can talk you through the options. 3) If you bought your product directly from Haglöfs or would like to request a repair, get in touch with our customer service team
  • What happens to my product if you cannot repair it?

    If the damage falls under our warranty and we are unable to repair the damage to a suitable standard, we will replace it with a new product. In this case we will not send you the damaged product back. If you would prefer to receive your product back rather than receive a replacement, please let our customer service team know.
  • When I use my waterproof product, the fabric is wetting out. Is this covered by the warranty?

    It is the responsibility of the consumer to ensure the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is maintained and reapplied as needed to ensure its ongoing effectiveness. See the detailed case instructions on our website for guidance on how to care for waterproof products. Water which is no longer beading up on an old or heavily worn garment, even after application of a new DWR treatment, is an indication that the garment has reached the end of its useful life. 
  • How do I find spare parts for my products?

    If you’ve broken a buckle or snapped a shoelace, drop by one of our stores or contact our customer service team and they will do their best to help you out. Bear in mind they might not be able to get you an exact match.
  • What happens once my product has been received?

    Customer service team will examine your product to confirm if the fault is covered by our warranty and whether it can be repaired.

    • They will be in touch with their decision along with details of the next steps.

    • If the fault is not covered by our warranty, they will provide you with options to pay for a repair or have your product returned.

  • How are shipping costs handled?

    We offer free repairs on your products if they fall under our warranty, all we ask is that you ship the product to us for evaluation, we will then take care of the cost of repair and the return shipping.

    Under Haglöfs Warranty customers are responsible for all costs relating to the shipment of product to the repair centre. Haglöfs is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged during shipping and cannot replace parcels lost during shipment if proof of delivery is unavailable. It is recommended to select a tracked delivery service

  • What is not covered by the warranty?

    The warranty covers genuine manufacturing faults or defects only and does not cover: 
    Normal wear and tear, cuts, burns or damage caused by misuse, accident or negligence 
    Failure to follow care instructions including washing and reproofing guidance
    Natural fading of colours or break down of adhesives over time
    Repairs or modifications carried out outside of Haglöfs customer service
    Counterfeit products or products purchased from unauthorised dealers on third party auction sites or marketplaces. We encourage you to shop through to ensure you purchase authentic product covered by the warranty
  • Where do I find the style name and ID number?

    You will find the style name on the care label on the inside of the product. The 6-digit number under the name of the product is the style ID number.

    On footwear this information can be found inside the tongue of the shoe.

  • Will I notice the repair?

    Our repair teams are highly experienced in handling outdoor products and will make every endeavour to ensure the repair is of the highest quality, however it is not always possible to make repairs completely invisible. In some cases, you may see for example the stitching and it is not always possible to exactly colour match new parts or patches of fabrics.
  • If I would like my product repaired what do I do?

    Send an email to Haglöfs customer service including the following information:
    1. Your name, phone, address
    2. Style name and ID, colour, size
    3. Description of the repair requested
    4. Pictures of the issue
    5. Picture of the laundry label, we need the seven-digit production code printed on the label
    6. Proof of purchase
    Follow the instructions sent to you by the customer service team. Do not send any product to us before the delivery details have been confirmed.
  • What happens if my product is approved as covered by the warranty?

    At the sole discretion of the customer service team Haglöfs will either repair the product at no charge to you, replace the product with the same style, or replace the product with a comparable product if it has been discontinued or is otherwise unavailable.
  • I know the damage to my product is not covered by the Haglöfs warranty; can I still get it repaired?

    We understand that accidents happen, and product gets worn out. You can get in touch with your local Haglöfs store or our customer service team who can provide you with a recommendation of a qualified repair service provider.
  • How long will it take if I send my product to Haglöfs for repair?

    Once the product is received by Haglöfs, product assessment and repair typically take 2-3 weeks once the product has been received but may take longer in peak times. We recommend you plan ahead, especially during winter, our busiest season.
  • I have sent my product to Haglöfs for a repair; how do I know its status?

    Before sending your product to Haglöfs you will receive a reference number, keep note of this and it can be used in case you have any queries about the status of your product.
  • Does Haglöfs have a product warranty?

    Yes! We are proud of the quality of our products so we guarantee to the original owner that should your product, in the course of normal use, fail due to a manufacturing defect then we will repair or replace it for you. See here for more details.
  • My product has sentimental value; can I get it back?

    We totally understand that you can get attached to a product that has been with you through many adventures. If you don’t want your product to be replaced if a repair cannot be made, please make the customer service team aware of this before you send your product to us.
  • Can I get a refund?

    The Haglöfs warranty offers repairs and replacements only. If you are looking for a refund, and the claims still falls within the consumer protection regulations of the country where you purchased your product, you should get in touch with the retailer where you originally purchased the product.
  • I have previously made alternations to my product, does this impact the warranty?

    Unauthorized modifications or alterations, including any repair done outside of Haglöfs customer service, are not covered by our warranty.

  • My GORE-TEX product came with a guarantee to keep me dry, what does this mean?

    With your purchase of a new GORE-TEX product advertised with the "GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY" promise on the hangtag, you are eligible to a limited guarantee offered by W. L. Gore & Associates. 
    The guarantee covers waterproof, windproof and breathability performance over the useful life of the product. If you find your product is not performing in these areas, you have the option to get in touch with GORE-TEX customer service team directly who are best positioned to evaluate these types of faults on GORE-TEX products.
  • What is the typical lifetime of a product?

    • The typical lifetime is the time that can be typically expected for a product to retain its performance relative to the type of product and the amount of use. For example, a pair of trail running shoes are not expected to last as long as a mountaineering jacket, or a ski jacket used by a ski guide every day is not expected to last as long as a jacket used by a causal skier once a year. It does in other words not mean for your lifetime or an indefinite period of time.

    • Our Customer Service team will determine on a case by case basis the typical lifetime of the product taking into account a number of factors include type, age and frequency of use.

    • It is expected that care instructions are carefully followed for the different products types to get the most out of the product. If your product appears worn out, then it could be time to replace your product .