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Films about the adventures we seek and the journeys we share

The Outsiders by Nature Film Festival puts a spotlight on the incredible journeys undertaken by our community of ambassadors—professional climbers, free skiers and all-around adventure athletes—who all share the insatiable need to explore nature and their own limits.


Proceeds donated to POW

Enjoy some awesome films, and help support climate action.

Tickets to this year’s Outsider by Nature Film Festival cost 50 SEK/5 Euros each, and the proceeds will go to Protect Our Winters (POW), a nonprofit founded by snowboarder Jeremy Jones that is focused on solving the climate crisis.

Learn more about the work they do here.

Find a screening near you

The 2023 Outsiders by Nature Film Festival will run from November to December at Haglöfs brand stores and partner locations across Europe.  At each screening event you can enjoy a selection of films, snacks and fun surprises.



November 15

Peloton Cycling Eatery



November 22

Under Bron



November 23



November 24

Stødt Scene



November 30

Röda Sten Konsthall



December 5

Holiday Club Åre


December 6




December 7

Sport Schuster München



December 28

Haglöfs Brand Store


February 3

Freeride Days


Discover this year’s films

Demanding journeys, breathtaking landscapes, and all the moments in-between.



Featuring Magnus Granér 19 min

Produced together with the young pilot Luke Bredar, this film utilizes tools like FPV drone and AI to create an organic art piece which maintains the essence of The Bunch while, at the same time, transforming it into a new dimension. It’s an edgier, unapologetic take on the drone extreme sports film with an emphasis on aesthetics, flow, and mood.

Showing at these locations:
Helsinki  Stockholm  Oslo  Ørsta  Gothenburg  Åre  Chamonix


Featuring Maria Granberg 15 min

Maria Granberg is a professional mountain athlete mostly known for attempting to climb 8,000 m + mountains without supplemental oxygen and for becoming the second Swedish woman to summit Mt. Everest from the North face. With a background in the behavioral science field, Maria has developed a unique toolkit that not only gives her a fresh perspective but also serves as a humbling and hopeful reminder of what it means to be human. Produced by the team behind Open shop, Victor Annerstål and Martin Sandin, this film paints an intimate portrait of Maria as she prepares for the Manaslu ascent, and offers insights into what it really takes to live a life of extremes.

Showing at these locations:
Helsinki  Stockholm  Ørsta  Gothenburg  Åre  Innsbruck

Ride to Ski

Feat. Henna Palosaari, Malva Björkman & Sami Sauri 15 min

Skiing and bikepacking don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but in this film they do. Haglöfs Ambassadors Henna Palosaari and Malva Björkman, along with Sami Sauri, decided to spice up their ski holiday in the Dolomites by doing it all by bike. This short documentary captures their 426 kilometer journey full of laughter, sweat, snow, ice, and astonishing sceneries.

Showing at these locations:
Helsinki  Gothenburg  Åre  Munich  Innsbruck  Chamonix


Featuring Matilda Söderlund 20 min

This short documentary by Fredrik Berg chronicles Matilda Söderlund's year-long pursuit of Niemises: Sweden's hardest sport climbing route bearing the coveted 9a difficulty grade. Viewers are transported to a unique crag just outside of Niemisel, located in a tiny and remote village in the northernmost part of Sweden, to witness Matilda’s unwavering determination as she quests to complete the route’s second ascent. Niemiesis provides a glimpse into the world of cutting edge sport climbing and the perseverance required to push the outer limits of human performance

Showing at these locations:
Helsinki  Stockholm  Oslo  Ørsta  Munich  Innsbruck


Featuring Antti Autti 15 min

A trip documentary about Antti Autti as he returns to Japan after many years away, this time in search of the deeper meaning behind his travels as a freeride snowboarder. Will the experience itself be enough, no matter what the outcome might be?

Showing at these locations:
Helsinki  Stockholm

Glacier Lines: Out of Reach

Featuring Martin Venedik and Lars Storli 20 min

Journey deep into the heart of the largest glacier in continental Europe, with its sprawling valleys, majestic glacier arms, and towering ice falls. This frozen wonderland becomes the backdrop for an extraordinary adventure of exploration in this film, which follows three skilled skiers, Lars Storli, Martin Venedik, and Espen Haesæther, along with determined photographer Paul Norheim, as they embark on a daring quest to conquer and explore the iconic glaciers in their own backyard. Their goal is not only to ski down the treacherous glacier falls, but also to discover and conquer freeride lines, riding from the very top to the bottom of these mighty yet fragile giants.

Showing at these locations:
Oslo  Ørsta  Gothenburg  Åre

End to End Svalbard

Featuring Jonas Haass

This film follows seven friends—six experienced Arctic guides and a filmmaker—as they journey 700 kilometers across Svalbard on skis. Navigating storms and overcoming hazards like crevasses, thin ice and the constant fear of the polar bear, their personal challenge evolves into a tale of resilience, friendship, and self-discovery. Set against the breathtaking beauty of the Arctic, the film captures their moments of laughter, drama, and unexpected encounters, inviting viewers to experience the Arctic's magnificence and the unbreakable bonds formed in the face of its challenges

Showing at these locations:
Oslo  Ørsta  Gothenburg  Åre  Munich

Up & Down

Featuring Francois Montuori

All about a hike and fly race in the Alps, this film captures behind-the-scenes moments of the Fly Chablais challenge as it was lived by François Montuori. Vicariously experience a true adventure with all the emotions and ups and downs. You hike up the mountain, then fly down with your paraglider. Sometimes you can fly over a mountain with your glider, and other times you might have to find your way down the mountain on your feet.

Showing at these locations:


Featuring Robert Robertsen and Eirik Verlo 11 min

The definition of ambivalence is having mixed feelings or ideas about something or someone. That’s exactly how skier Robert Robertsen and snowboarder Eirik Verlo felt as they approached yet another season of freeriding in the northern part of Norway—an area known for great freeskiing, but also many deaths by avalanche. In this film, the duo reflect on their past experiences and question whether or not they can justify taking the risk. Eirik has already been first on the scene of numerous avalanches, and Robert is shocked to realize that this is the reality of freeskiing. We follow their reflections through ups and downs in the mountains. They have to turn around several times due to sketchy conditions, but on their very last adventure of the season they finally find what they have been looking for: perfect snow, sun, and great comradeship.

Showing at these locations:
Oslo  Ørsta

15 Peaks

Featuring Tom-Oliver Hedvall 15 min

Inspired by Nimsdai Purge’s 14 peaks (over 8,000m) project, Tom-Oliver Hedvall and his best buddies decided to create their own adventure. But instead of taking on the highest peaks in the world, they would look to their own backyard. In Jämtland, there are 15 peaks above 1,500 meters. Tom-Oliver and his friends did the highest peaks in their district in one week—in total, walking a double Vasaloppet and more than one Mount Everest from sea level in vertical meters. But the most rewarding part of the whole adventure was realizing their ultimate goal: having an awesome time together with minimum climate impact.

Showing at these locations:
Stockholm  Gothenburg  Åre  Innsbruck


Featuring Maria Granberg 17 min

On June 28, 1870, Meta Brevoort attempted to summit la Meije in the Dauphine Alps, but failed. Her party chose to summit Doigt de Dieu, not realising that the true summit, Grand Pic de la Meije, was slightly higher. Despite this, they couldn't cross the impassable ridge separating them from the true summit. Still, summiting Doigt de Dieu was remarkable and Meta was a true pioneer in mountaineering, defying gender and social norms. Maria Granberg follows in her footsteps, aiming to learn more about the easily overlooked history of this incredible woman by climbing la Meije.

Showing at these locations:
Åre  Chamonix