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Tom-Oliver Hedvall’s parents put him in skis at three years old, and you might suspect he’s never taken them off. Since then, he’s gone on to compete in freestyle and freeride skiing around Europe and pursue unique climate-conscious adventures he shares through his films.

Ada Dranger grew up exploring the mighty mountains near her hometown of Tromsø in the far north of Norway, and hasn't stopped since. When she isn’t seeking out the best snow for her ski adventures, you can find Ada climbing, hiking or navigating the seas in the family sailboat.

When Henna Palosaari was 23 years old, she switched from competitive track and field sports to freedom-seeking activities outdoors. Now, with a van as her base, she spends her free time adventuring in Finland and beyond by means of surfing, free riding, trekking and bike packing.

With his home base in Austria’s Tux Valley, Domi Tauber combines his love of the mountains and snowboarding with a passion for photography. Lucky for all of us who get to vicariously experience epic moments and breathtaking alpine landscapes through his adventurous lens.