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Michael O’Dwyer

Freeride skiing

Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

Currently Located:

Main sport:
Cycling, bikepacking, packrafting, bikerafting and kayaking

Hobbies/Other Sports/Passions:
Photography and writing. Mostly I design biking routes, write short stories but I am about to publish my first book. Being a father of ( soon ) five takes up a lot of time!

Tell us about your background:
I moved to Sweden 14 years ago and after years of working too much I rediscovered my love for the bicycle by getting an unexpected invite to go bikepacking in Mongolia. I went and was hooked. My love of travel found a new direction and using my bike I love to explore foreign lands and taste new cultures.
Professionally, I'm a jewellery designer and goldsmith  and run my own company but I often feel more like a full-time father to my five children. Escapism comes in the form of bikepacking and running my gravel bike website collection routes from around Sweden.

What was your craziest adventure or experience so far:
Whilst on a solo bikepacking trip I ended up fishing and having dinner with a member of the Russian mafia.  He was on the run and was hiding out in his mother’s grass roofed house in a remote corner of the Lower Caucasus mountains, Georgia. ( I think there might be a story in that!)

Bucket list / Dream trip:
Cycle the silk road through Kyrgyzstan or maybe the Baja Divide in Mexico.

Why become a Haglöfs Ambassador:
I believe in the brand and love to support local companies. Their L.I.M. series fits in with my concept of Bikepacking.

What´s your favorite Haglöfs gear:
The Alpha polartec series. Warm even when wet.

Quote you live by:
As my now deceased step father would always say “ Life is not a rehearsal “