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Magnus Granér

Where are you currently located?
Zermatt, Switzerland

Home Town:
Åre, Sweden

What is your main sport?

Other key activities and hobbies? What you are doing when you have some down time.
Shoveling snow, Meditation, Trekking, Content creation, Filmmaking, Running, Cross country skiing and the list goes on.


Tell us about your background. A general overview for people on the site to get to know who you are and how you ended up where you are today.
I grew up in a working town near Umeå called Hörnefors with my mom, dad, a younger brother, and 4 huskies. I was born with an urge to do extreme sports and once I found skiing my path was crystal clear. Progressing from park skiing to street skiing to big mountain skiing there seem to be unlimited possibilities of what you can do on a pair of skis. My whole thing is trying to be as present as possible on a pair of skis. There is a magical state when you are in the middle of a crazy trick where nothing can distract your presence, I'm always trying to be in that state. Feel the air, the wind, the sun, the clouds, the mountains, the snow, the smells, the sounds.

Craziest adventure or experience so far?
Spending 12 days with my favorite people in the coziest military tent with 18 bags of wood and unlimited food at the foot of Akka. The Weather Gods were blessing us and crazy runs were skied. Countless laughs and stories were told and the crew was working harder than ever before. This adventure has so many layers to it and it will all be revealed in a new The Bunch film where Haglöfs is a partner.

Bucket list or dream trip?
Skiing crazy lines in Sarek.

Why did you want to become a Haglöfs ambassador?
I have always had a passion for the mountains but I didn't ski much there until recently. Now my skiing passion and mountain passion have joined forces. Haglöfs makes exceptional mountain gear in a very natural and honest way and we also share a care for the environment. I feel morally good about representing Haglöfs and I'm super excited about the adventures we'll go on together. I want to portray mountain life innovatively.

Favorite gear:
Haglöfs Lumi loose pant.

A quote you live by! Could be made up by you or from someone else.
"Ask for nothing from anyone or anything" Jonathan Nilsson