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Why we’d rather repair your product

February 2024

No matter how diligent a manufacturer is, product defects happen. They can arise from various sources, from manufacturing or material defects to accidents during transportation. But there’s one thing all product defects have in common: they are very frustrating for everyone involved.

To gain deeper insights into the inner workings of Haglöfs’ Claims Department, we've turned to Monika Wesström, a dedicated team member of 23 years who played a key role in developing our current claims procedure from scratch in 2011. Here, she sheds light on why we always prioritize repair over replacement and why we encourage our consumers to reach out if a product should fail.

Why longevity matters
Yes, product defects do happen. But that should never mean that the next stop for an otherwise perfectly functional product is the landfill. Considering all the energy and resources that go into the manufacturing process, the best way to prevent the environmental impact of an already-produced product from growing even larger is to keep it in use for as long as possible.

The primary objective of the Claims Department is to rescue as many products as possible. This is why we always prioritize repair over replacement.

“Currently we’re salvaging 98% of faulty or damaged products,” reveals Monika.

The few products that are beyond rescue are saved and stored for future purposes.

“Working in the Claims Department requires a keen eye for detail, and you need to love saving small things, like trims, straps, down, or scraps of fabric that can be useful in the future,” says Monika.

Another part of the Claims Department’s mission is to improve the longevity of products from the very start of the manufacturing process by helping facilitate a feedback loop between consumers and production.

“Even though our claims rate is relatively low, there is always room for improvement. This is why we regularly meet up with developers and designers to provide feedback on things we can do better, from details like fabric pilling to the quality of trims and buttons,” says Monika. “We always aim to learn from our mistakes and produce even better products in the next production cycle.

Reach out if there’s an issue with your product
Our Lifetime Warranty stands as a testament to our commitment to quality. We guarantee repair or replacement for any Haglöfs product that fails due to a manufacturing or material defect, covering the typical useful lifetime of the product. Monika encourages consumers to always reach out if there is a problem with the product.

“It doesn't matter where you purchased the product, as long as you have proof of purchase,” says Monika. “If you are the original customer with a valid claim, just reach out to our customer service team or stop by one of our stores.”

For issues beyond warranty coverage, our Claims Department offers spare parts free of charge and provides advice on how to fix Haglöfs gear.

“We have plenty of material saved, including parts from older models,” says Monika. “We love to help our consumers with advice, tips and tricks on how to repair gear, and can also recommend tailors, shoemakers, and even saddle makers who have the tools needed to carry out repairs.”

Join the repair and care tradition

Let's work together to keep our outdoor gear in great shape for many adventures to come. Learn more about our Lifetime Warranty and discover ways to care for and repair your gear.

Our customer service team can be reached at [email protected]


About Monika Wesström 

At Haglöfs since 
December 2000 

Quality & Claims Coordinator  

Best part of job 
“This is more than just a job; it's a lifestyle. I experience both challenges and opportunities for personal and professional development. It's never dull, and I encounter a multitude of fantastic individuals. To feel this way, even after many years at Haglöfs, fills me with both emotion and gratitude.”

Favorite outdoor activity  
“Hiking through forests and fields, observing and cherishing the wild creatures, day-trekking in the Swedish mountains, fishing, or just lying in the grass with a magnifying glass to marvel at the life beneath our feet.”