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Our Swedish retail stores

November 2023

At Haglöfs, we decided already two years ago to stop accepting cash payments in our Swedish retail stores. We began with the stores in Stockholm and Gothenburg and today, all six of Haglöfs’ retail stores in Sweden are cashless. The primary reasons are for business purposes; handling cash has become overly complicated and not very profitable for us anymore, especially since only 1% of all payments were made in cash:

Reduced costs: Managing cash incurs expenses such as additional security measures, cash transportation, and time spent on cash-related tasks. Eliminating cash payments lowers these costs, increasing overall profitability.

Accuracy and accountability: Digital transactions leave a clearer trail and minimize human error in accounting. This ensures better accuracy in tracking sales and financial records.

Improved security: Going cashless reduces the risk of theft or counterfeit currency, creating a safer environment for employees and customers. There's less concern about handling physical cash and associated security vulnerabilities.

Adaptation to consumer preference: With the increasing prevalence of digital transactions, moving away from cash aligns with evolving consumer behaviors. Around 99% of our consumers prefer using cards or their phones to pay because it's faster and safer.

Ultimately, removing cash payments from our stores has enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, improved security, and better aligned with the preferences of both customers and the broader marketplace.

Even though we're not accepting cash any longer, we offer plenty of other payment methods like cards, phone wallets, and online options to ensure that everyone can easily shop with us.

Thank you for supporting us as we've made these changes.