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A Life Well Lived 

The most effective way to reduce the overall environmental footprint of a product is to keep it in use for as long as possible.


So, we offer products that are designed and made to last. This is a process that starts with design choices and goes through materials selection, product construction, and quality control. One of the core elements of our design philosophy is “Lasts Lifetimes” where design choices are made with consideration for the durability, repairability, and end-of- life of a product.

Material test standards, product make standards, and chemical management guidelines control the quality and safety standards for all products. To ensure products meet these standards, both laboratory and field testing are completed at multiple stages throughout the development process while third-party quality control checks confirm the final product is ready to go to the consumer. On top of this, feedback from the consumer as well as the returns program is fed back into the product development process, ensuring a process of continuous improvement. Repair.

We take pride in making high-quality, high-performance products that keep up with your adventures. But accidents happen and stuff breaks, and this shouldn’t mean products are condemned to the landfill.  


Product accidents or failures are inevitable, but this shouldn't mean that such products are destined for the landfill. 

When products fail to meet our consumers' expectations, we typically offer replacements or refunds. However, this approach can lead to unnecessary waste. Therefore, whenever feasible, we prioritize repairing these items and returning them to their owners.

A little care and attention can significantly extend the lifespan of products, ensuring they're ready for the next adventure. Additionally, by taking care of your favorite gear, you not only prolong its usability but also contribute to reducing waste. That's why we provide comprehensive care instructions for all our products on our website. Furthermore, our customer service and retail teams are readily available to assist with spare parts and offer advice whenever needed.


Through our lifetime warranty we guarantee to the original owner of any Haglöfs product that we'll repair or replace any product that fails due to a manufacturing or material defect.  

Haglöfs Restored 

Haglöfs Restored is a new collection of second hand products for first hand adventures. Products which still have life in them but would otherwise go to waste are cleaned, repaired, reproofed, and restored to our high standards, before being added to the Haglöfs Restored collection. In the meantime if you have old gear which you no longer use you can drop it off at one of our stores and we will ensure it doesn’t go to waste

Care & Repair 

A little bit of love and care goes a long way to keeping products in shape for the next adventure, and as a bonus you prolong the life of your favorite gear. Don’t know how? Check out our detailed Care and Repair section for our different products and find some more useful tips on how to take care of your gear here. Of course our customer service and retail teams are always available to help you out with spare parts and advice.