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Matilda Söderlund

Where are you currently located?
Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

What is your main sport?

Other key activities and hobbies? What you are doing when you have some down time.
I enjoy other outdoor activities, especially skiing and I love music.


Tell us about your background. A general overview for people on the site to get to know who you are and how you ended up where you are today.
I’m a 28-year-old professional climber born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. The first time I tried climbing was at a birthday party when I was 11 years old. I didn’t know anything about climbing but something just “clicked” – a very cool feeling that I remember to his day. A few weeks later I entered my first competition and after that I was completely hooked. At my second climbing competition, the Swedish Youth Championship, I finished in second place. After that all I wanted to do was climbing so I quit all the other sports I was doing. From there I went on to do all national competitions, the European Cup, World Cup, World Championships and World Games. When I decided to move on from my competition career I started studying at Stockholm School of Economics. I thought it was time to get a grow up and get a “real job”, however, after graduating I realized that climbing is my biggest passion in life and I want to build my life and career around that – best realization and decision I’ve ever made. Now I’ve been climbing full time for 4 years and I love it and feeling very grateful that I get this opportunity!

Craziest adventure or experience so far?
Climbing my first 9a, The Elder statesman in Frankenjura (Germany), a huge dream coming true and a big milestone in my climbing.

Bucket list or dream trip?
Climbing in Yosemite.

Why did you want to become a Haglöfs ambassador?
I’m feeling incredibly happy to begin this journey with Haglöfs. Hagslöfs has been a dream partner to work with for years. Amazing products, great values and a strive to always improve. Super excited to kick this off!

Favorite Haglöfs gear?
Nordic Mimic Hood, Whooly Hood and Morän pants

A quote you live by! Could be made up by you or from someone else.
'’Follow your passion, work really hard and have fun along the way :)’'