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When you sleep well, you can explore even farther.

Whether you are sleeping in a tent, cabin, or directly under the stars, the ultimate task of a high-performing sleeping bag is to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. Our durable, technical and lightweight options ensure that you can rely on their exceptional performance, no matter the conditions or terrain.

Haglöfs sleeping bags are tailored for the challenging Nordic conditions. Rigorously tested for optimal outdoor performance, each sleeping bag is constructed with durability and premium materials, ensuring it endures a lifetime of adventurous use. Our diverse range covers all seasons.

When deciding between synthetic and down sleeping bags, it's crucial to consider the specific advantages of each. Synthetic sleeping bags remain effective even in wet conditions, making them ideal for damp environments. On the other hand, down sleeping bags boast an unmatched warmth-to-weight ratio and compressibility, perfect for those prioritizing lightweight and compact options. Choose the sleeping bag that aligns with your needs and embark on your outdoor adventures with confidence.


A good sleeping bag keeps the heat in and the moisture out.

H Down
sleeping bags

Our down sleeping bags are filled with H DOWN GOLD. A hydrophobically
treated down that provides excellent loft and prevents moisture from
getting trapped inside the down clusters — ensuring that you stay warm,
dry, and comfortable. H DOWN comes from RDS certified producers, is
fully traceable, and treated with fluorocarbon-free durable water-repellent
(DWR) finish.

Our down sleeping bags range covers all seasons, falling under three
different product series: ROC, OUT, and L.I.M.




Part of our ROC range, the NORDIC EXPEDITION is our highest-performing and most durable sleeping bag. A trustworthy choice for demanding mountain adventures.

The NORDIC EXPEDITION is built for high performance in extreme conditions. The water-resistant materials and optimized baffle system maximizes thermal performance without adding excess weight. It will keep you warm and dry in any environment.

Nordic Expedition -2

Our most packable, all-season down sleeping bag. It combines a high warmth-to-weight ratio and a smaller pack size.

Filled with 700 fill power RDS-certified hydrophobic down
Trapezoidal baffle construction maximizes thermal performance without adding excess weight
Supremely protective mummy-fit hood & anatomical foot box that averts cold spots
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The perfect all-rounder, made for three-season use. SCAND is the bag to pick when comfort and durability are your top priorities.

Highly versatile and resilient, SCAND features a spacious yet thermally efficient mountain fit with a generous hood and roomy, anatomically shaped foot box for maximum sleeping comfort. Perfect for hiking, trekking, and general outdoor use.
Scand -5

The perfect three-season bag for outdoor or indoor use, whether you're using it in a cabin or a tent. Scand's features are optimized for the best sleeping comfort.
Scand +5

The perfect three-season sleeping bag for milder conditions. It is lighter and more packable. Scand's features are optimized for the best sleeping comfort.
Filled with 650 fill power RDS-certified hydrophobic down
Thermally efficient mountain fit
Generous hood & anatomically shaped foot box
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Our high performance summer sleeping bag Airak is part of our ultra lightweight L.I.M Series. An ideal choice when low weight is of the highest priority.

Airak rides the perfect balance between minimalism and comfort. To keep the weight down, we designed it with a narrower shoulder and toe box, and skipped the inner pocket. The center zip lets you keep your arms outside while performing camp tasks.


AIRAK is the perfect sleeping bag for summer use, where low weight and small pack size allows you to move quickly.

Filled with 800 fill power RDS-certified hydrophobic down
Comfortable and thermally efficient alpine fit with an anatomical mummy hood
Vertical box-wall and base baffles give optimal insulation at a minimum weight
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sleeping bags

Ideal for sleeping adventures in damp or humid environments, our
synthetic sleeping bags are filled with polyester-based insulation that
performs well even when it’s wet. Tri-Fusion® combines three types of
fibers that work together within an advanced structure to retain warmth.
Air-fill® utilizes a mass polyester fibers with hollow internal channels to
allow the sleeping bags to be packed with as much heat-trapping air as

Our range of synthetic sleeping bags covers all seasons, falling under three
different product series: MUSCA, TARIUS, and MOONLITE.



A warm and versatile sleeping bag equipped with all of the features you need for a good night's sleep out in the field.

MUSCA is constructed to retain extra warmth around your chest and feet, and is tighter around the shoulders to provide a more tailored fit for women or smaller frames. It’s filled with advanced, high-performance synthetic Tri-Fusion insulation—offering excellent insulating performance at a low weight.
Musca -5

A versatile sleeping bag that will keep you comfortable across three seasons, in conditions ranging from mild to damp and cold.
Musca -1

The lightest and most packable sleeping bag in the MUSCA series, this bag offers a high performance to weight ratio and steady outdoor sleeping comfort from spring to the first frost of winter.
Advanced synthetic Tri-Fusion insulation supplies excellent insulating performance at a low weight
Snug and efficient mummy-shaped fit adapted to smaller body frames
Offset cold spot-minimizing construction with extra insulation around feet and chest
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A good all-around sleeping bag with all the essential features and adjustment possibilities.

TARIUS is perfect for backpacking, trekking or traveling - filled with synthetic insulation that also performs well in damp conditions. It comes with a host of features that make carrying and using it that little bit better.
Tarius -5

A three-season bag that travels well. It offers a great warmth to weight ratio and continues to perform even when the conditions get wet.
Tarius +1

Primed for sleeping adventures spanning from spring to fall, this bag is easy to pack and carry, and is built to keep you warm in a variety of conditions.
Synthetic insulation performs well in damp conditions
Mummy-shaped fit with adjustable ergonomic hood maximizes warmth and reduces weight
Offset construction minimizes cold spots
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A versatile and comfortable sleeping bag, suitable for all kinds of sheltered adventures.

MOONLITE is designed to be nice and roomy for a good night's sleep if you're staying in a cabin, and it'll also come in handy on outdoors activities in summer weather. Filled with our own synthetic Air-Fill insulation - meaning that you'll even benefit from the warmth and comfort the bag provides when conditions turn damp.

Moonlite -1

TA spacious sleeping bag that will keep you warm nearly all-year round. Perfect for cabin stays or summer nights under the stars.
Moonlite +7

Well-suited for summer campsites and cozy cabin stays, this bag offers a roomy fit, and damp or humid environment won’t stop it from keeping you warm.
Synthetic Air-Fill insulation maintains warmth and comfort even when conditions turn damp
Quilted construction
Roomy fit with adjustable flat elastic hood
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Which sleeping bag is right for your adventure?

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