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In the summer, the possibilities are limitless. It’s a time when new routes open, temperatures rise, and the blooming landscape captivates all our senses. Here, some Outsiders from our community reminisce about some of their favorite summer memories and look forward to the adventures yet to come.

Discovering edible treasures and epic views on Åre’s mountain trails

Gabriella Edebo, Freeride skier & Haglöfs Ambassador

“Like many avid skiers, for me, the summer usually mostly means working and getting a little less adventure at home.”

“Here in Åre, there are a lot of trips you can take up different mountains, often combined with mushroom and berry picking, and packing a lunch box so you can enjoy dinner with a first-class view.”

“Last summer, I had a nice hike near Ottsjö in Hottögsfjället (sometimes called ‘hot dog mountain). It was a nice evening with a magical view, the temperature had started to drop and warned that fall was coming. My lunch box contained a cold noodle salad with peanut butter sauce, and it tasted three times better out in the mountains than at home at the dining table.”

What are your plans this summer?

“I'm looking forward to a summer at home in Åre with work and as much mountain time as possible. I will also take a train trip down to northern Italy to celebrate midsummer in connection with a solar cell fair I’m attending in Munich for work. The idea is to find a place near the coast with nice views and hiking trails that I can easily reach by train.”

Gear for the adventure


“They are stretchy, light, and airy so they’re both comfortable to wear and pack small.”


“Whether I'm traveling far or just going for a walk in the mountains here at home, it’s the perfect garment to pull out if it gets windy and cold or starts raining.”

Exploring the wilder side of the Dolomites

Manuel Streule, Climber & Paraglider

“One of my favorite summer memories is a climbing adventure I went on in the Brenta Dolomites. The scenery was overwhelming, with clear views down to Lake Garda whenever the renowned Brenta fog and the weather allowed it.”

“I really needed to visit and feel the Brenta Dolomites at least once after many years of climbing and adventures around Langkofel, Rosengarten, and similar mountains in the Dolomites. There’s a reason why it is said that ‘If you have never climbed the Brenta Dolomites you have never really been in the Dolomites.”

“I was awestruck by the wild romantic vastness of the Brenta Dolomites, with long ascents and huts with very friendly people and tasty food. Combining wild tours with the renowned Brenta fog and being awarded with amazing scenery and solitude is pure life.”

What are your plans this summer?

“Depending on how quickly my broken fibula heals, I plan to go bikepacking in central Switzerland or a spontaneous trip somewhere else in Switzerland. In late summer, I will spend three weeks climbing, doing hike & fly, and bikepacking in the Dolomites, and maybe take a short detour to the Pala Group.”

Gear for the adventure


“I always carry it to be perfectly prepared for whatever may come.”

Embracing the extremes of Lofoten’s spectacular terrain 

Sophia Schlör, Senior Brand Communications Manager at Haglöfs

“I have great memories from a summer when Norway hit me hard with its breathtaking beauty. While I definitely experienced moments of wishing I were somewhere warm on a beach, all the effort of hiking through wind, rain, and mud was worth it when we ended up alone camping at the most beautiful beach with steep mountains right next to us.”

“We took the train for more than 21 hours, then another bus for six hours, and then the boat to end up on Lofoten where our six-day hike began.”

“The extreme beauty this country has to offer as well as the extreme weather left a big impression on me. How hard a rainy day can be, and how calming and stunning the mountains can be when the sun hits the water. As we carried everything for six days, all our food was calculated, so there were definitely also moments when we wished we had an extra bar of chocolate to keep us going.”

What are your plans this summer?

“I’m going back to Norway! This time to explore Jotunheimen National Park.”

Gear for the adventure


“This is for sure the jacket that always comes along to keep me dry as one thing is for sure when you go to Norway: Get ready for a sudden rain shower.”

Seeking freedom and challenges on a long-distance bike trip

Julien Vuillemin, DTC Systems & Operations Manager at Haglöfs

“One of my favorite summer adventure memories is a bike trip I did between Gothenburg and Linköping. I biked the whole west coast and south coast of Sweden in six days.”

“I moved to Sweden less than two years ago and had never been to the west and south coast before. I kept hearing a lot about these areas so I felt like I had to give it a try. Biking is by far my favorite way to discover a region or country since you can be fast enough to cover long distances in a short time, but also slow enough to enjoy the surrounding environment.”

“There is no better feeling for me than spending days on a bike, crossing a big variety of landscapes, meeting people along the way, making stops in nice lunch/fika places. You feel so free in these moments. it’s therapeutic for real. I surpassed myself because it was the first time I had attempted such a challenging trip (200 km a day for six days). It is impressive to realize how the body can actually adapt to this type of challenge.”

What are your plans this summer?

“I actually put together another bike trip together with a friend in Gotland, the land of the Goths (or GOAT, I’m not sure). The idea was to organize a super inclusive bike trip, where anyone from our group of friends could join and discover bikepacking. We are heading to Gotland with a group of 17 people from all levels for a four-day trip, mixing short rides, camping, swimming, and good food!”

Gear for the adventure


"My best partner when the rain comes. It keeps me dry in all conditions."


"Lightweight and packable. Shout out to the feature allowing your feet to be out of the sleeping bag if you want to."

Traversing Jämtland’s wilderness on a trail running adventure

Anders Olsson, Haglöfs Store Manager in Åre

“One of my best summer memories from home is when we went north from Åre on a nice little A to B lightweight adventure."

“Offerdalsfjällen in Northern Jämtland is wild and beautiful with almost no trails. You can almost fool yourself that you’re in Alaska! We did 80K of slow running with two nights in a tent. Good friends and nice weather, what could be better?”

“Grab a map and go to a new place you haven’t been before! Make sure you bring some Parmesan cheese! It might not be the most lightweight food you can bring, but it is definitely worth it.”

What are your plans this summer?

“There’s a big chance that you will meet me at our Brand Store in Åre this summer and I’ll be happy to share some nice adventure stories if you stop by. But there will for sure be some smaller A to B running adventures for me this summer too. I’m not really a great runner but it’s a great motivation for me to explore new areas and mountains. If I'm lucky, I will discover some new ski runs for next winter.”

“If I have a couple of days off and the forecast looks good I will probably head out to the Norwegian coast. Places like Nordmöre and Helgeland are amazing with mountains, islands, and beaches!”

Gear for the adventure


“The perfect combination of a midlayer and wind jacket with great breathability. Extremely versatile and works great during winter for ski touring too.”


“Great running vest for day adventures. Super nice with the removable dry bag!”