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Maximum performance at minimum weight.

We’ve spent over twenty years perfecting the L.I.M Series, stripping away all the unnecessary trims and linings, the extra hooks, belts and buttons. The philosophy is simple: maximum performance at minimum weight. All the might-come-in-handy is removed, because it probably won’t. Instead, your ability to face the challenges will increase. And you’ll find that the reward is worth the effort. Go light. Go fast.

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The midnight
sun runner 

Interview with trailspotter Linda Helland

Norwegian trail runner Linda Helland is the blogger behind where she depicts her inspiring adventures. Spending her childhood summers near Stetind, dubbed “Norway’s National Mountain”, she keeps returning to the archipelagos outside Narvik and Tromsø for new experiences. 

Linda Helland

“There’s been a shift in the attitude towards trail runners in Norway in recent years. When I started out, a lot of the traditional hikers got somewhat annoyed. They were like ‘calm down, you’re ruining the tranquil vibe’. Today there is much more acceptance towards the fact that people have their own pace. Plus, a lot of hikers have picked up on lightweight equipment, so there’s more of a mixed tempo nowadays.”  

Linda Helland started trail running after an injury, as a way to find her way back to training. 
“In trail running the terrain is more cushioning, and you can’t maintain the same speed, so it felt like a good way to ease my way back into running. But it’s grown into an important part of my life and I’ll keep on doing trail for as long as I can. The combination of experiences and activity is just unbeatable.” 

After ten years of trail running, the biggest difference between how Linda plans her runs now compared to when she started out, is the attitude.  

“In the beginning I was still a lot about pace and tempo, I wanted to get a passage done fast and that way I missed out a bit on all the other values. Today I try to focus on the entire experience. It’s still extremely effective physical training, but there’s just so much more to it than that.”  

”My best tip if you want solitude is to head out in the evening. The sun is up late, and the late-night runs are really the most beautiful.”

— Linda Helland

Linda recounts her different expeditions on her blog and a lot of them are set on the island Senja, which is gaining popularity.  

“Ever since the pandemic there’s been way more people discovering the trails in northern Norway. Which is basically a good thing of course, but sometimes you want the landscape for yourself. My best tip if you want solitude is to head out in the evening. The sun is up late, and the late-night runs are really the most beautiful.” 

When it comes to equipment, Linda tries to travel as light as she can.  

“I stuff a light backpack with a windbreaker, a dry extra base layer, gloves and a beanie, snacks and water. Plus, a first aid-kit on more remote runs. If the windbreaker is also rainproof that’s a plus. Performance comes down to protection, weight, durability and breathability. You don’t need a lot of gear but you need quality that you can trust.”



Men 470 g   Women 320 g

The jacket that is both lightweight and rugged. Perfect for fast-paced hiking and other high-aerobic mountain activities, the L.I.M RUGGED GTX JACKET is made from a combination of two high-performance GORE-TEX shell fabrics. That makes it light, waterproof, durable and extremely breathable. The ergonomic construction ensures freedom of movement and you’ll also find an adjustable hood and generous pockets. Plus it’s highly compressible, so packing it along for your next excursion is a given. 

Durable and tough against tear

Weatherproof and breathable 

Lightweight and packable



14 L 540 g   24 L 930 g

When you want to go farther faster, always take the minimalist route. Especially when it comes to your backpack. This compact model allows you to keep up the pace while staying safe, dry and comfortable. It features lightweight, durable materials and a body-hugging vest construction to keep your load evenly distributed. To prevent overheating on the trail, you’ll find a well-ventilated back panel as well as a HydraPak soft flask with a bite valve for hydration on the go.  

Vest construction for ultimate carrying comfort

Hydration system-compatible and built-in HydraPak 

Ventilated shoulder straps and hip belt for less weight and max breathability


Men 355 g   Women 290 g

Conquer greater distances by taking lighter steps. The super-lightweight L.I.M FH GTX LOW are low-cut boots designed to ease the journey. Equipped with GORE-TEX and high-impact cushioning to keep your feet dry and comfortable – plus wet grip traction to reinforce stability – they are made for demanding mountain adventures in varied terrain.  

Super-lightweight hiking shoes

Waterproof and breathable 

Wet grip traction