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Time for adventures. 

We launched the TIGHT™ Backpack in 1993, and we’ve been making it ever since. It has existed in many iterations over the years, but a few things have remained the same, like its iconic teardrop shape.  

Now, 30 years later, the TIGHT™ continues to be one of our bestselling backpacks. And, for many, it’s a source of nostalgic memories of both outdoor and urban adventures.  


Meet the designer.

Lennart Ekberg, the original designer of the TIGHT™ Backpack. Lennart isn’t a traditionally educated designer, but rather a passionate user of outdoor gear. He started working at Haglöfs in the late 80s after responding to a job ad for a product manager position.

The TIGHT™ idea

Before the TIGHT™ Backpack came into being, Haglöfs was primarily making large backpacks with aluminum frames. The TIGHT™ Backpack was sprung from the idea to create something smaller that could be used for day trips, mountain biking, and freeskiing. 

At the time, all small daypacks looked the same,” recalls Lennart. “Top loaded with two straps, and ergonomically imperfect—they would swing back and forth quite a lot. We wanted to do something more modern, and the idea came to make it more drop-shaped with a lower center of gravity. We were also among the first to use anatomical straps that follow the curve of the body so it fits better, hugging the bag closer to your back.




From first sketches to test runs outside
I started making some sketches then worked directly at the factory to make some samples of the backpack to take back home. We had some guys who did mountain climbing and biking test the first prototypes, and listened to their opinions. They loved how it hugged your back and you didn’t feel it even though it was packed full due to its lower center of gravity.

 In 1992, the first TIGHT™ Backpack was launched in three color coded sizes, and it quickly sold out.

Why do you think the TIGHT™ Backpack continues to be a bestseller? 

I think it’s a combination of trust in the brand and the fact that most people who buy it have had one before. So double trust.





“Lots of people have had these packs since they were kids. The TIGHT™ Backpack is built to be a lifelong companion, with durable materials and a solid construction. Today, the design is still very similar to how it was when it was first launched, only now we have chosen lower impact materials.”

- Niklas Karlsson, Senior Product Manager at Haglöfs



L.I.M Tight Light

240 g

This is the lightweight and fully compressible version of our iconic Tight backpack. Perfect for daily adventures or to keep stashed and ready in your trekking pack for day trips from camp. 

It’s smartly constructed with a teardrop shape and contoured shoulder straps so you can comfortably carry your essentials. You’ll even find a detachable accessory bag for keeping smaller items sorted, and traveling even lighter. 

Fully compressible—folds and compresses into separate accessory bag

Unpadded internal lining sleeve for laptop or gear separation

Teardrop shaped front and side panels provide a low center of gravity