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Tyndall Wells


Bend, Oregon

Currently Located:

Main sport:

Hobbies/Other Sports/Passions:
Climbing, riding my bike, backpacking, making films, learning, reading, and spending time with people who inspire me.

Tell us about your background:
My deepest roots are in the Sierras in California, but I grew up in Oregon skiing at Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood. I started learning about backcountry skiing when I was quite young, so when I stopped competing in Slopestyle the transition was quite natural. Oregon doesn’t have much big mountain terrain accessible from chairlifts, so I had to learn everything foot powered. I fell in love with the peaceful rhythm of human powered skiing, making it a priority to do it as much as possible.

What was your craziest adventure or experience so far:
There've been so many wild adventures in my life, but one of my favorite memories is a very special trip to the Sierra with my friend Zak. We flew his 1946 canvas airplane from Bend Oregon to Bishop California to climb the peak I’m named after, Mt. Tyndall. We continued the trip staying above 3500m for a few days, cruising through some unique alpine areas and climbing some other 4000m peaks. It’s not the most extreme or the most challenging trip of my life, but it was a beautiful experience that I’ll cherish forever.

Bucket list / Dream trip:
There’s so much I want to do in the mountains from Kazakhstan to Alaska, but there’s more to life than dream trips and pushing it in the mountains. I really want to spend more time skiing in the Sierras connecting to my own roots, and to just grow as a human being.

Why become a Haglöfs Ambassador:
I wanted to be a Haglöfs ambassador because I think they make the best gear in the game, while taking a sustainable approach to operating a global business. In my life, I’ve never taken the standard path; Haglöfs makes it possible to create my own path as they create a new path in our industry.

What´s your favorite Haglöfs gear:
L.I.M Down Hood, it's incredibly light, warm, and breathable. I take it with me everywhere.

Quote you live by:
‘Stay dialed to be dialed’ - Alex Kollar 1993-2021.