UN Goals

- Working towards UN’s sustainability development goals

The COP21 UN Climate Change Conference, that was held in Paris during 2015, in combination with the recently published United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) has given new worldwide energy and focus to the now quantified climate and sustainability goals. 

Here’s a selection of how we work with more or less all of them – usually many of them simultaneously.

Goal 5 – Gender Equality. 

From Haglöfs AB globally being an ‘equal opportunity’ workplace where hard work rather than gender is rewarded and recognised, to employing and hence empowering a majority of female breadwinners in our production countries around the globe.


Empowering workers that may find their first properly paid job in the textile industry and working hard with other members of the textile industry to strive for not only a minimum wage but rather a living wage – demonstrated especially in dedicated Living Wage Projects around the globe – under the Fair Wear Foundation membership. Aim is to give some money in the bank at the end of the day! (The strive for living wage and the living wage projects will simultaneously address the SDGs #1, #2, #3, #4, #9, #10, #11 & #12)  

Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production

Choosing wisely is our main feat; whether it be traceable down from responsible suppliers where the animals can roam free before they’re sold for their meat and we look after the leftovers (the down, that is); selecting a recycled and recyclable bluesign® approved fabric with zero hazardous chemicals, minimized water as well as energy consumption (relating also to goal #6, #7, #14 & #15) or choosing not to produce in countries where we find workers legislation to be dubious, insecure or where civil war fractions roam (which links to goal #16).

Taking our responsibility is the core of it all.

Goal 13 – Climate action.

Our products leave an imprint on our world, though we are determined to minimize our impact on people and planet. We do our best by, first and foremost, producing high-quality products with a long life-span. We are also working with continuously reducing our C02 footprint, with carbon-compensating our travels and by spreading the word about climate change – these are several contributions to lessen our total impact… but more work is needed because this is the ‘big one’!

Goal 17 – Partnership for the goals. 

Working with many partners; from peers in the industry on production leverage for a positive change (SDG #9) via conscious consumers and the elite in chemicals research and flight modelling to phase out all fluorocarbon based water repellent treatments while retaining high functionality and long product life spans (SDG #12) to partnering with external experts in climate compensation for our internal logistics (toward SDG#13). All true proof that partnership for a sustainable change works.

A sustainable outdoor industry.
It’s possible!