Second Chance

– First class products - given a second chance

Our efforts to produce high-quality gear in a sustainable way has led to the development of Second Chance, our circularity programme. It's a series of initiatives with which we intend to drastically cut the amount of material that ends up in landfill - by making sure that we make the most of everything that comes off our production line. Time and time again, as part of a truly circular process.

We're reconditioning factory seconds into perfect shape and selling them on at a competitive price under the label Repairwear. We are creating a line of products made from materials that would otherwise be discarded or forgotten about. These unique products are called Leftover. And we are making sure that everything we produce is kept in a cycle of use, refurbishment and re-use for as long as possible.

Through Second Chance, we're committed to making the most of all of the material we use, and all of the gear we create. That's good news for you - giving you more ways to get hold of the equipment you need. But it's also great news for the environment.

A sustainable outdoor industry. It’s possible.