A long life well lived

The most sustainable item of clothing is one that's so hard-wearing and long-lasting, it never needs to be thrown away. This way, there's never a gap in your wardrobe. Nothing to replace.

In fact, we hope that the only time you'll ever want to get rid of a piece of gear - one that still does its job after decades of use - is when you hand it down to someone else, meaning that they get to make the most of it and create adventures of their own.

So, we always try to make gear that lasts. High-performance, hard-wearing items that let you enjoy yourself - and push yourself - in challenging conditions. And since we also know that no item of clothing is truly indestructible, and that adventurers don't like to be particularly gentle with their kit we make it as easy as possible to treat, refresh and repair your gear.

Sometimes it's as simple as choosing and using a DWR-protected material that's easy to spruce up. Or building a jacket with zips that can be ripped out when they break, and replaced with ease. Or impregnating clothes with powerful natural odour-control treatments - meaning that you don't have to wash them as often, thereby keeping them in better shape.

It's a philosophy that's also reflected in the way we design our clothes. Although we don't shy away from bold colours and patterns altogether, we have developed a minimal, streamlined design philosophy that ensures pieces aren't "in" one season and "out" the next. They look good - and they'll continue to do so for years.

Finally, we give you yourself the knowledge to keep your own gear looking good and in perfect working order. On this site, you'll find information on how to repair and refresh your own kit, as well as lists of recommended replacement parts, general care instructions, and details on how to contact us if you're unable to find the right equipment.

A sustainable outdoor industry. 
It´s possible!