Too good to be forgotten

We prefer not to see the spare bits of material that come off our production line as waste. Instead, we see them as leftovers. That way, we can see the potential in them much more easily. We can understand that they're capable of being used, appreciated and enjoyed. And that they might even be used to create something genuinely special. Given the high quality and high performance characteristics of the materials we use to make our gear, we wondered how the leftovers could be repurposed into something genuinely great, instead of being discarded. There's nothing wrong with this material, after all: it's just cut a little smaller, in some interesting shapes, and piled together with other similar pieces of bold, contrasting colours.

So, we used them to create our Leftovers range. These are items that have been assembled from the brightly-coloured scraps of top-quality material that otherwise would have been forgotten about – and as a result, they're not just reliable, but also beautiful, eye-catching and unique.

We started the Leftovers line with a limited-edition sleeping bag and are continuing it with a new item: the moccasin. They are every bit as comfortable and warming as you could hope for and built to the same exacting high standards as everything else in our range. Just even a little more unique!
The Leftover Mimic Moccasins are available in limited editions during Fall/Winter 2019.

A sustainable outdoor industry. It’s possible.