Leftover & Climate

– Our sleeping bags can’t handle 2 °C

This season we’ll introduce Leftover Sleeping Bag. These sleeping bags are made from leftover material that would otherwise remain unused - slashing their environmental footprint, and meaning that the only thing that gets warmer is you.

We're not talking about the kind of elemental coldness that you'll need to be protected from when using our gear, of course. Our products have been made to withstand the Nordic winter and harsh conditions all over the world. There, two degrees can be considered quite pleasant.

No: we mean the potential two-degree rise in temperature on our planet. This marks the point at which climate change, already a real threat, becomes extremely dangerous. Those last two degrees are, year by year, being eroded away by everything that happens here on Earth. One thing we can do to try to slow this down is to reduce the amount we manufacture and consume.

And that's where this sleeping bag comes in.

Now, buying a new sleeping bag might not seem like the most obvious way to reduce consumption. Particularly when it's one that's been designed to protect and cocoon you in freezing cold temperatures - making you so warm, cosy and toasty, in fact, that you get a good night's sleep.

But there's something special about this sleeping bag. You might be able to tell, just from looking at it. The individual, colourful bands and stripes of material aren't just there to cheer you up. They tell the story of how it's been made - from strips of leftover material that otherwise would have been trimmed, collected and discarded from other items that we make. Hence the name: Leftover Sleeping Bag.

We've turned our leftovers into something unique. A sleeping bag that does the job it's supposed to. That looks good, brightening up a cold evening. And one that's the end result of active waste reduction - turning something that would have been forgotten about, into something genuinely useful and high-quality.

The Leftover Sleeping Bag is the first in a new series of products that repurpose otherwise unused material - directly addressing the growing problem of waste in the world.

A sustainable outdoor industry. It’s possible.