Our leather: No dirty secrets

People have relied on leather for a long time - and the material's outstanding protection, comfort and longevity means that it's an essential part of many of our products.

Naturally waterproof. Breathable. Durable. Protective. Versatile. Leather has been used in clothing and footwear for centuries, and it's easy to see why. The leather that we use in our products takes a number of forms - from the tough leather of hiking boots to stylish, lightweight suede and nubuck in multi-purpose footwear and bags. But it's all high-quality, high-performance - and highly sustainable. 

 We work only with tanneries affiliated with and audited by the Leather Working Group (LWG) to ensure that the leather we use is made in a sustainable and ethical way. The LWG is an organisation that brings together leather manufacturers and other stakeholders in a single entity, committed to clean business practises - as they put it themselves, they want to "improve the leather manufacturing industry by creating alignment on environmental priorities." Although the LWG's intentions are principally to do with environmental sustainability, they do also safeguard ethical business practises where possible. 

Tanneries certified by an LWG audit demonstrate high levels of sustainability: for instance, by optimizing processes to obtain low-chromium leather, by reducing overall chemical use and by good housekeeping with water (leather can be very water-intensive to produce). 

We almost exclusively only use leather from tanneries that have achieved Gold and Silver status in LWG audits.

A sustainable outdoor industry.
It’s possible!