The monster in the closet

- What's lurking in your closet? If fabrics aren't certified clean, there's no way to tell which chemicals have been used in their production – and might linger in them.

A new dimension of sustainability.

The quality and performance of the materials we use are extremely important to us. But we've also made it our mission to reduce the negative environmental impact of every product, as much as we can.

Balancing these two factors drives everything we do. And one of the ways in which we can do this is through use of bluesign®-approved materials.

bluesign®: the most effective standard around

These materials have to meet all of the standards set by bluesign® - the strictest voluntary certification for textile and material manufacturers, and one that's designed to meet the highest environmental standards. We always choose bluesign®-approved materials and trims for our products.

The certification, and its benefits

bluesign®-approved materials are ones where only sustainable treatments are used. These treatments are then applied via processes that have been certified clean. A "ban list" of around 900 hazardous chemicals has also been created - use of any of them means that the material won't be classed as bluesign®. And there's more: certified materials are ones where, in their creation:

• natural resources have been used soundly and responsibly

• raw material has been limited • water and air emissions have been reduced

• waste water treatment has been handled correctly and improved

• ecological footprint has been managed

When we take these materials and turn them into our products, if we can make them from at least 90% bluesign® approved fabric and at least 30% bluesign® approved accessories, they can officially be classed as a bluesign® product.

Haglöfs & bluesign®: leading the industry

The majority of our textile products are bluesign® approved - placing us among the front-runners in our industry. Haglöfs became a bluesign® system partner in 2008. Since then, we've tried to make sure that our material suppliers comply with the system's guidelines. To do this, we have to work very closely with them - getting it right from the beginning, right at the source, rather than trying to identify things at the "end of the pipe."

A sustainable outdoor industry. It's possible!

Important information: Due to a communication mistake between Haglöfs and our materials suppliers, the Grym Evo jacket delivered during spring/summer 2019 has the wrong information on its hangtag, stating that it’s a bluesign® product, which is not correct. For fall 2019 the Grym Evo jacket will be a bluesign® product, and the hangtag will consequently be correct on all products produced for that particular season. For more information, please contact