New initiatives

There are plenty of initiatives within the textile industry that help us to benchmark our progress. We also create, develop and start our own initiatives so that we can create our own benchmarks. Combining the two help us consider every sustainability alternative.

Collaboration - a key to success

Besides the obvious stakeholders such as own employees and owners, Haglöfs has many external stakeholders of which the consumers and retailers are the most relevant. They influence our decisions, from assortment planning to sales, and our products will most defi-nitely affect them in their everyday outdoor life.  Beyond the supply chain, we are in contact with other stakeholders such as government agencies/authorities, municipalities, interest groups (NGO's) and media and we have frequent contact with our peers from the outdoor and fashion industry.
Major collaboration partners and projects

Haglöfs has daily contact on various topics with many of our stakeholders, an absolute necessity to solve many of the complex sustainability issues that the world is facing today. This is an example of why a truly sustainable future can only come about from, often multidisciplinary, partnerships. Haglöfs is further involved in several research and development projects regarding sustainability.

Examples of major partnerships and collaborations are:

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)
The Swedish Chemical Group (Kemikaliegruppen/Swerea)
European Outdoor Group (EOG)
• Substitution in practice of prioritized fluorinated
compounds to eliminate diffuse sources (SUPFES)
Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG)
BioInnovation research project
Sustainable Apparel Coalition/Higg Index (SAC)
• The Chemicals Agency textiles dialogues
• Microplastics research projects (several, with separate stakeholders)
The Swedish Textile Water Initiative (STWI)
The Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA)
The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) 

A sustainable outdoor industry.
It’s possible!