Waterproofing treatments - so-called Durable Water Repellents (DWR) - containing certain fluorocarbons were once fairly common in the outdoor industry. These fluorocarbons are effective at repelling water and dirt, and so were used to increase the lifespan and usefulness of a wide range of outdoors products. However, research has shown some of these chemicals to be toxic and very long-lasting and as a result, the most harmful fluorocarbons are now strictly regulated by the EU and in other countries.

We at Haglöfs, together with our friends in the outdoor industry, have long been committed to reducing the use of fluorocarbons in our products. Thanks to this, we have been instrumental in developing cleaner waterproofing alternatives, substances that offer good weather protection, but that also leave a smaller footprint on the landscape.

88% of the clothing collection launched spring/summer 2019 features a fluorocarbon free DWR treatment - and that includes all fluorocarbons, not just the types regulated by the EU. Moreover, many of our bags and backpacks produced for this season feature fluorocarbon-free DWR treatments, as does most of our footwear collection.

Step by step we keep moving towards our goal -  to a complete removal of fluorocarbons from our waterproofing treatments by 2020.

A sustainable outdoor industry.
It’s possible!

Important information: Due to a communication mistake between Haglöfs and our materials suppliers, a number of backpacks and bags delivered during spring 2018 have the wrong information on their hangtags. This means that in the stores there may be products that are described as having a fluorocarbon-free DWR, which is not correct. For more information on what products that are concerned, please contact sales@haglofs.se

Any ‘Fluorocarbon free’ DWR treatment Haglöfs adds to our products should not contain detectable amounts of PFAS. It is unfortunately not possible to always completely guarantee there are no traces of fluorocarbons present on the products; originating from varying sources such as material production processes, cut-and-sew-tables or even retail outlets. Furthermore, old stock in our warehouse and shops may still have old DWR treatments that contain small amounts of fluorocarbons.

Important information: Due to a communication mistake between Haglöfs and our materials suppliers, the Grym Evo jacket delivered during spring/summer 2019 has the wrong information on its hangtag, stating that it’s a bluesign® product, which is not correct. For fall 2019 the Grym Evo jacket will be a bluesign® product, and the hangtag will consequently be correct on all products produced for that particular season. For more information, please contact sales@haglofs.se