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Meet Sophie Odelberg and Jennie Nystedt

The sports and adventure photographer Sophie Odelberg and her close friend Jennie Nystedt have taken on the challenge of running Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon for the first time. We caught up with Sophie to see how it is going!


How long have you known each other?

Jennie and I have known each other since 2,5 years back! I was searching for models for a client and found Jennie through a tip on Facebook. I got in contact with her, booked her for the job and since then we've been friends!

Where do you call home?

Right now my home is Stockholm!

Favorite running area/place?

Probably Åre. It will always have a special place in my heart!

Why did you decide to run BAMM?

I've always wanted to do a "mountain race" but due to an injury I haven't been able to. My injury is still there but it's better, so I wanted to give it a go and it's better to do an orientation race instead of a regular marathon because of that!

Have you both competed together before?

No, never! It's going to be so much fun!

Will this be your first BAMM race? Have you ever run an orienteering race before?

Yes, it is for the both of us!

Which race will you compete in at BAMM?

We will run the BAMM 30K.

What are you looking forward to at BAMM?

The environment, running in the mountains, hanging with one of my best friends and the challenge!

What types of food will you eat during the race?

We will bring nuts, bars and gels! Fast, good energy!

What are you most excited about/most nervous about during the race?

I am super exited to finally run something like this but at the same time super nervous about how my injury is going to hold together! We are not running BAMM to win (hopefully I will one day) this time we are running this because we really want to try this, we think it's going to be super fun and we want to do our absolute best but I also need to, want to see how my body will cope with this because I've never run that far!

How has training been going, what’s your weekly routine? What have you focused on the most?

I actually went to Chamonix and climbed Mont Blanc as a warmup for this haha. Normally I work out 5-6 days a week and very mixed. At least one day MTB (mountainbike) 1-2 h, 1 day air-bike intervals, 2 days high interval strength and one day where I can do whatever I feel to like climbing, biking again or just mobility. I finish every workout with rehab. But, no I'm not really a runner. Most due to my injury, because I love to run!

Aside from trail running what is your favorite activity?

That's hard. There are so many haha! But my top 3 is probably skiing, climbing and biking!

What is your gear essentials for the race?

Hmm, a lot of energy in my backpack! Lightweight stuff (like my L.I.M jacket that I always bring with me), band aid and a chocolate!


Follow Sophie Odelberg and Jennie Nystedt during BAMM via Haglöfs Instagram stories.


Left: Sophie Odelberg and Jennie Nystedt love running in the mountains. Right: Sophie Odelberg spent parts of her summer in the alps where she climbed Mont Blanc.


Sophie Odelberg is a sports and adventure photographer that loves challenges. She never believed that she would be a professional photographer but today she is living her dream life, mixing her two greatest interests in life, to be creative and live an active outdoor lifestyle. Sophie Odelberg skis, climbs and does mixed gym training. This summer we have been following her on Instagram as she climbed Mont Blanc.

Jennie Nystedt loves a sweaty workout! She also likes ice-cream, beautiful views and the small things that makes every day special. Jennie Nystedt has a background as a Health pedagogue. She loves to inspire people to have an active lifestyle. To do so, she and a friend have started a company that arranges training trips. She also works as a personal trainer and has her own blog. 


Run through the magical mountain world of Scandinavia

Experience Haglöfs BAMM 2018

Every adventure begins with a single step. Your steps will take you through paths that wind their way over the mountain. They will take you up steep inclines, over green hills and through sections with mud up to your ankles. Experience magical views worth every step and the feeling in your body when you gaze out across mountains and fjords.

Haglöfs are proud to present the Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon, 17-18 August 2018. A cross-country run in Scandinavia's fantastic mountain environment for men, ladies and mixed teams. Choose between challenging yourself in classes 30, 50 and 70 with orienteering over two days for two-man teams with overnighting on the mountain or try running on the mountain over a day in the new BAMM 10 class.


BAMM 10 – NEW FOR 2018

Are you interested in hiking or cross-country running in a mountain environment without overnighting on the mountain? Then BAMM 10 is the option for you.

BAMM 10 is an individual class with along a 10- to 12-km track marked with strips. It does not require any or specific familiarity with mountains. The track follows paths but also runs along unsurfaced, hilly terrain. As the class starts on the Saturday, you do not need to sleep out on the mountain. Free hiking with a guide starting from the hotel at Riksgränsen is offered on Friday. During the hike you will have the opportunity to experience and get to know the magical mountain world of Scandinavia.


This is the class for you if you can cope with mountain hiking of around 15 km a day and for 10 hours a day. The class requires simple orienteering along or adjacent to paths or features in the countryside, as well as a certain amount of familiarity with mountains. BAMM 30 is perfect for those who want to try out this type of competition. Includes overnighting for one night.


Are you familiar with nature and mountains? BAMM 50 places high demands on your ability to orienteer. The course is largely absent of paths with lakes and mountain peaks as your guide. The class is suitable for those who are physically fit and who want a tough challenge. Includes overnighting for one night.


If you are after a very tough challenge, this is the class for you. BAMM 70 places great demands on being physically fit as well as requiring very good orienteering ability and familiarity with mountains. What we recommend is that you have already completed BAMM 50 or similar competitions. Includes overnighting for one night.


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Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon

Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon

Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon

Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon

Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon

Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon

Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon

Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon