Essens Mimic Jacket

– we’re ridiculously proud of it

Say hello to the cold with a jacket designed to shut it out. With less stitching holes and cold spots the Essens Mimic handles the rough elements even better than down and keeps the cold at bay. Made with bluesign® certified main fabrics and recycled polyester filling, as part of Haglöfs promise to lessen the environmental footprint.

Even if you’ve already heard a lot about the product, we would like to take this opportunity to give you some more details. Because we are truly proud of this jacket.

In the shell, we’ve used Pertex® Microlight – a material made 100 % out of polyamide, which makes the jacket both durable and windproof. And, if that wasn’t enough, it also makes the jacket super light.

If you take a closer look, down to the stitches, you’ll notice the mini quilted structure. Instead of the regular diamond shaped quilt, we’ve used a construction where the insulation is held in channeled sections. Because of that we only need about 2 000 stitches in every jacket, while a diamond quilting need about 100 000. The fact that this jacket has gotten less stitches also means it has less spots where the cold can slip through.

The reason why we’ve been able to work with this method is our brand new insulation: QuadFusion Mimic. And that’s what make this jacket truly unique. QuadFusion Mimic imitates the positive isolating features of down, but absorbs a minimal amount of liquid. This keeps the insulation in the same place in the jacket, and retains the isolating features that keeps you warm. Even those times when you haven’t gotten home before the elements turns against you.

Essens Mimic Jacket