Winner of Haglöfs Scholarship

(Photo Kajsa Silow)Adventurers and outdoor lovers from all over the world have applied for Haglöfs Scholarship 2018. It is truly amazing to see that there are so many planning and realizing exciting adventures out there, big and small. We really wish that we could support all the inspiring initiatives but this year’s jury has chosen a winner.

The 2018 Haglöfs Scholarship goes to Erik Sander who’s on May 1st is going on a pretty unique adventure – a 5000-kilometer-long journey around Sweden, on a longboard. He starts from Sweden's southernmost point Smygehuk, and then follows the spring up along the west coast all the way to Karesuando in the north of Sweden. From there he goes south along the east coast, meets the arrival of the summer and closes the circle with finishing in Smygehuk in late August. Erik travels alone and without a car, but equipped with camera and microphone. He sleeps in tents and carries all the necessities in his backpack.

He makes the trip partly to challenge himself, but also to raise money for The Swedish Brain Foundation that raises money for research and information about the brain and its diseases, injuries and disabilities. Erik who’s always been active, was himself diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, MS, at the age of 24 but has so far done well despite the disease. For him being diagnosed was an eye opener for something that we all know - that nothing is given and everything comes to an end.
We say congratulations to Erik Sander for receiving the Haglöfs Scholarship 2018 and took the opportunity to ask him a few questions:

  • How did you come up with the idea of going around Sweden on a longboard?
    I am passionate about all kinds of exercise, I love nature and thrive on stretching my limits and seeing how far I can reach. It's hard to say why I do this. I simply feel the need to challenge myself, to be uncomfortable, I also need to feel some insecurity on if it’s possible at all - I need a proper adventure!
  • Why is an adventure on a longboard so appealing to you?
    I love the feeling of freedom I get on the board. The feeling of being closer to nature, it makes you take in the surroundings and feel completely in the moment. I love the contrasts between one moment weightlessly surfing downhill with a smile on your lips, and the next moment pushing your physical limits to the max while fighting towards the top of a seemingly endless uphill.
  • Do you have any tips for someone who dreams of a little more adventure in their everyday life?
    It's easy to look past the important things in life, the things we want to change, or what we want more of in life. We sometimes feel like we don’t have time for what really matters in life. Don’t wait. Just do it. Like now.

We at Haglöfs wish you the best of luck and we’re thrilled to be a part of your adventure! You can follow Erik’s adventure here and on @sandersaventyr.

(Photo Kajsa Silow)

The Haglöfs Scholarship

The Haglöfs Scholarship 2019: helping you take the trip of a lifetime

What makes an adventure?
Reaching the summit of a high mountain. Paddling the length of a whitewater river. Ski touring over untouched terrain, or trekking to a remote village in a country that you’re visiting for the first time.

At Haglöfs, we define an adventure as an exciting and unusual experience. We understand that these begin when we explore unknown corners of the world and experience the sublime beauty of nature.

We also believe that adventures have to be sustainable. We all need to take responsibility and care in what we do, so that we’re able to continue enjoying the exciting opportunities that our environment provides.

We think that these ideas are worth promoting, and we want to help you to begin your own journey. So, we’ve developed the Haglöfs Scholarship: an international financial incentive that is intended to support and promote unique and sustainable outdoor adventures.

Scholarship value: 5000€, half of which will take the form of products (RRP) and half of which will be provided as economic support. All possible tax or any other administrational fees related to the scholarship shall be carried by recipient.
Application: Apply by sending a project description of your adventure to - please submit this in English or Swedish. Applications will be accepted until October 1st, 2018.
Evaluation grounds: The adventure will be judged on its uniqueness, its media potential, its proximity to Haglöfs core business and its sustainability profile.
Evaluation period: The jury will evaluate all adventures in November 2018 and then announce its decision on during the first week of December 2018.
Awarding: The scholarship will be awarded to the recipient in January 2019.
Commitment: The recipient of the scholarship commits to regular documentation of the adventure, and to provide Haglöfs with the following content for usage in Haglöfs channels:

  • 20 horizontal high resolution quality images with the Haglöfs logo exposed
  • 5 minutes of high resolution quality video content with the Haglöfs logo exposed
  • A story with a personal angle