Stefan Ågren


Stefan Ågren born and raised in the county of Dalarna, Sweden, has a MsC in Fish and Wildlife Management. Today, Stefan works as a Fisheries biologist at the county administration of Dalarna, with a main focus on freshwater conservation and stream habitat restoration efforts. Stefan also works partly as a freelance journalist as he writes articles for fly fishing magazines. He’s photos has also been published wide. Stefan is living with our friend Emilie Björkman and together they travel the world to find those perfect fishing spots. It not about to find a big fish, it’s rather the adventure to find that particular place that drives them. Naturally, Stefan is just as passionate about fly fishing as his partner and we’re happy to see them exploring together.

Quick facts:

19 August 1982

Profession: Fisheries biologist

Place I call home: Where my family is

Favorite place on earth: The Scandinavian mountains

Dream adventure: To explore a vast river in British Columbia

What’s best about what I do: At work I love the fact that I try to do something to improve the environment each day. After work the very best part of what I do is to explore. I never get tired of to search for new special places.

What drives me: Curiosity and I guess some kind of restlessness

What makes me proud: It’s kind of cheesy I know but I’m proud of my girlfriend

Hidden talent: I think friends tend to like what I serve them for dinner

Career highlights: Since I’m a fly fisher and an amateur photographer I don’t really have a career. I just really love what I do and have always been. My focus is to keep it that way and not get lost in a career trap and lose my love for my passions.

Life motto: If it doesn’t rise. Wait or move on.

Stefan Ågren
Stefan Ågren
Stefan Ågren