Sustainable design

- Design and build play a massive part - helping to make clothes that don't need to be frequently replaced, and that continue to be useful and stylish.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that design and sustainability run fairly separate from each other in clothing production. But for us, they're deeply and intrinsically linked.

Look good, feel good – for long

Our designers are responsible for turning new high-performance, highly sustainable materials into wearable and usable equipment. This is no mean feat. We want our customers to look and feel good as well as being comfortable and protected. And we also want to produce gear which has an immediate "modern classic"-feel to it. Not just so that it looks iconic from the moment it lands in your wardrobe – although that's a bonus. But so, that it never goes out of style, and you don't feel the need to replace it before it's reached the end of its lifespan.


We make ‘slow-function’ product (as opposed to so called ‘fast-fashion’). This feeds into our design philosophy. Increasingly, we're producing pieces that have a timeless feel to them - minimal, clean, functional, and beautifully fitted. Sometimes, we're bold with colours and we make the functionality of the garments and hardware an attractive design feature. But we like to keep the silhouettes clean and sharp, highlighting usefulness as well as avoiding getting stuck in a trend rut.

Refining the designs continuously  

If we feel that a piece of ours is attaining "classic" status then we'll refine and update it, keeping what makes it special but adding modern touches. Because design is also about the details. Maybe we'll need to make a zip easily replaceable, prolonging the life of the garment even further. Maybe we even need to work out how to get rid of that zip altogether.

Getting sustainability education from the professionals

Our work with The Sustainable Fashion academy keeps our knowledge current and fresh. In it, we're working alongside brands like Fjällräven, H&M, Filippa K, Peak Performance and Lindex to build sustainability into the lines and seams of our clothing and gear. But above all else, collaborating with and listening to explorers, Olympic medallists, adventurers, manufacturers, educators, and our customers is essential in helping us keep on designing to requirements.

A sustainable outdoor industry. It’s possible.