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This is rubbish

Our oceans are suffering. One of the biggest problems that's come to light in recent years is that of synthetic "ghost nets" - fishing nets that, once used, are discarded and left to drift around the ocean.

Difficult to spot in dark, unlit waters, they ensnare and kill vast quantities of marine life, as well as adding to the tons and tons of plastic pollution clogging the ocean. Until recently, even when ghost nets were retrieved, they weren't particularly useful. But now Haglöfs have started to use fabric made out of these things into high-performance, hard-wearing clothing - like certain items in the Nengal and Khione lines.

For these, the ghost nets have been treated, turned into yarn and then spun into a comfortable, premium material that works hard to keep the wearer comfortable and protected. This goes to prove that something as worthless and destructive as a ghost net can be turned into something premium - meaning that it's not only put out of harm's way, but it's actually turned into something you want in your wardrobe. 

A sustainable outdoor industry. 
It´s possible!