For this autumn and winter season, we wanted to celebrate Dalarna by using the traditional Kurbits painting that is extremely common in this region of Sweden. So we decided to filter it through the creative minds of graphic designers (and new parents) Elvira Varghans and Ivar Lanz and see what they would come up with. The result: A flowery pattern that gives the Edge Evo Anorak a unique look that fuses modern performance with heritage influences.

In order get to know the couple a bit better, we sat down with them to talk about their work, life and their affection for Dalarna.

What’s the thought behind your Kurbits interoperation?
Elvira: Haglöfs turned to us with the request to make a tribute to Dalarna by creating something with inspiration from Kurbits. Instead of just copying the traditional hand-painted folk art, we wanted to break up the symmetric composition and arrange the flowers and leaves in a more chaotic order.

Ivar: Kurbits is visually very strong. On one hand that is great. But it can easily tip over and become too much of folk art and that wouldn’t feel right. So we searched for ways of finding a nice balance between contemporary and the traditional.

From where do you get your inspiration?
Elvira: I get inspired by the fun and decorative objects that don’t have any particular function. Things that have been crafted in a chamber somewhere and ends up on a flee market.

Ivar: The plant kingdom.

Elvira: I also love to browse

What is the most significant difference when creating a graphic design for clothes?

Elvira: You must use your imagination more to picture what the design will look like once it’s hanging on someone's body.

Ivar: From a technical point of view, it is more interesting. Your final art must withstand to be repeated over and over again. And still, look good every time.It is also satisfying to create something that has a functional purpose.


How are you connected to Dalarna?
Elvira: I’m born and raised Västberga in Dalarna. It is a cute village right between Leksand and Rättvik. I hated to be from there when I was young because I always felt so behind and immature. When my cousins from Stockholm went to see Britney Spears in Globen, I played with marbles. But when I left, I immediately got super nostalgic. It’s like I only could see the beauty from a distance. Suddenly I understood the magic of growing up surrounded by forests and how nature shaped my imagination. Now I dream about moving back and give my kid the same childhood memories as I got.

Ivar: I am connected to Dalarna through Elvira. Since I met her, we have spent every single summer in Dalarna. I associate it with fun times and lovely memories. Nowadays, I feel totally at home there. I am a part of Dalarna and Dalarna is a part of me.

What is your favorite thing about Dalarna?
Ivar: Nature. It’s breathtaking. Thanks to its hilly terrain, it is so easy to find beautiful views.

Elvira: I agree. The landscape around Malmö is very flat. So we are always starving for the hills, valleys and the mile views.

Why should everyone visit Dalarna?
Elvira: Dalarna is located right in the middle of Sweden. That means it is pretty close to anywhere in Sweden.

Ivar: To experience the magnificent nature. It’s like stepping into a painting.



Elvira Varghans and Ivar Lanz
– Quick facts

Elvira Varghans
 Born: 20 Oktober 1990
 Profession: Graphic designer
 A place I call home: Leksand (but lives in Malmö)
 Favorite place on earth: Leksand
 What makes me proud: Our newborn baby Joar.
 My dearest object: A 5 kg wooden tuber. I bought it from the
 estate of a deceased alcoholic in Siljans Näs. I love it.
 Hidden talent: I learn song lyrics super quick, and I never forget
 them. I can sing along in any song I hear on any radio station.

Ivar Lanz
 Birthdate: 2 December 1988
 Profession: Graphic designer
 A place I call home: Umeå (but lives in Malmö).
 Favorite place on earth: Leksand
 What makes me proud: Our newborn baby Joar.
 My dearest object: My violin. I have been a fiddler since forever.
 Today I make music under the name Golden Ivy: Spotify 
 Hidden talent: I’m very agile.