Classic backpack in new packaging

The TIGHT backpack marked the start of Haglöfs’ emergence as a modern outdoor brand. With over 1 million TIGHT backpacks sold, it is one of our big success stories. A new chapter is now being written in this saga.

The history of TIGHT

The TIGHT backpack was introduced in 1993 after a long development phase. The backpack’s design and close fit were quite different than the other backpacks at that time, which either sat on a frame or hung loose and slapped against the back of the person wearing it. Together with an advertising agency, Haglöfs prepared a very detailed plan that included everything from the product name to the marketing and sales strategies.

TIGHT was developed to attract a new, young and modern user, and the product launch was in many ways innovative with pictures of mountain climbers, mountain bikers and “snowboard phantoms” as well as the tagline, “You should be moving – not your backpack”.

Haglöfs opted to size the backpacks as small, medium and large rather than the traditional liter measurements to make it easier for the backpack’s target group to choose the proper size. Haglöfs’ own logo was toned down to give more room for the product name. TIGHT became a big success and played a pivotal role in creating a modern Haglöfs.

Through the years, TIGHT has continued to be refined and new sizes and variations have come and gone. The classic TIGHT backpack, however, is more or less unchanged since it was introduced 20 years ago. Tear-shaped and with a low center of gravity in order to stay in place and follow the body’s movements regardless of the activity; contoured and articulated shoulder straps; attachment for an ice pick and a chest strap, both of which are detachable. With over 1 million sold, this backpack is not just one of Haglöfs’ most popular products, but also perhaps the most tried and tested.

Haglofs Tight
Haglofs Tight
Haglofs Tight