Get Closer

– Antti Autti

Your mind works best under the open skies. Lungs run best on fresh air. You were built to be outside.

Get Closer to nature with Antti Autti as he travels north to the arctic circle and into a world filled with an endless thirst for the mountains, snow, and nature. Settling into a routine far removed from daily life, Antti and his friends set up camp deep in the mountains of northern Sweden. Antti reminds us that the pure joy of riding lies not in the deepest powder or the largest cliff, but rather in the company you keep and the moments along the way.

‘Lapland is my home. I was born and bred above the arctic circle and it is where I feel at ease. Since I was young lad I have been traveling all across the planet in hunt of snow and I’ve seen incredible places, but during the last few years I have shifted my attention more towards things that are closer to me. Finland, Sweden and Norway have so much to offer that there are mountains for a lifetime to explore right in my backyard.   For Get Closer we chose to venture out to the backcountry of Riksgränsen and Björkliden, two places that I am super familiar with, but are still full of surprises and amazing new locations for me.  Combining camping and splitboarding is the best. Wake up right at the spot, hike up, ride all day, come down to camp to eat, and chill while admiring at the lingering light of the spring sunset in complete silence..’

What does ‘get closer’ mean to you?

To me Get Closer represents that adventure can be whenever and wherever. Even just next door from your home. It is a mental journey to understand that no matter where I am in the world the attitude to go in the nature should be the same. You can’t go conquer the biggest mountains or snowboard the steepest lines everyday, but you can go to nature even near home and have some respect to this environment even if the outcome would not always be the most thrilling. The most important thing is to remember to take it in!

When did you start snowboarding?

I started snowboarding in spring 1995

How has snowboarding changed for you? E.g. from when you were younger to now.

The act of enjoying snowboarding itself has not really changed for me. I can still go out to my local resort and have a great day but when it comes to goals that I want to achieve, those have become much more clear to me nowadays compared to when I was younger. Back in the days my snowboarding was very performance oriented and in many ways it still is but now I also have this connection to content I want to produce, these ideas I want to do in nature with my snowboard. The range of what to experience in snowboarding has become much wider when I understood that a good day out does not always need to be the next level push for your skills. There are days when you can go for it and days when it’s better to stand on the sidelines and enjoy just the fact of being out there!

What are your favorite memories of snowboarding?

Oh, there is so many. But to me usually the best memories have happened early in the morning or just before sunset. those are the times when you have that very short time frame to snowboard in this beautiful red glow. 

Do you prefer to ride the resort or to go touring?

I love touring. You have just yourself and your own thoughts. The only distraction is yourself...and maybe mother nature once in a while:) But I do like lapping the resort with my friends too. These are different type of ways to enjoy snowboarding and nature. I want to have a fair share of both in my season. 

What is in store for this season?

I’ve decided to dedicate my season to adventures near and far away from home. It does not matter. Even if I visit a country where I’ve been before I will not snowboard in same areas as before. It’s easier said than done but to be able to learn more about myself and my lifestyle, it’s important to change it up a bit for every season. So yes, there is a new project cooking up!

What are your favorite products in the Haglöfs FW18 collection?

For outerwear on snow I use Nengal jkt and pants. I usually bring L.I.M barrier jacket to the mountains with me. It is super light and packable. For a bit colder days I’m using essens mimic jacket and bungy pants. For just hanging out in the winter I love Mojo down hood and rugged fjell pants with skuta shoes. Also, one of the coolest things too is the Haglöfs V series. I really like this concept!