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Foto: Andreas Strandh

Team Haglöfs Silva was founded in 2010 and is one of the world's leading adventure racing teams today. Their biggest success to date is the second place in the World Championships in 2011 and the two third placements in 2010 and 2012.

The team consists of team captain Björn Rydvall, Josefina Wikberg, Aaron Prince, Mattias Nyström and Robert Lindberg. Since they were kids they have skied, paddled, cycled and above all, competed. Over time they found a sport that contained everything they liked, and that's where they also found each other. Each one with their own unique characteristics and experiences, and together they form one of the strongest and best adventure racing teams in the world.

Three words to describe the team: Stubborn, straightforward and colorful.

Interests: Car tire pulling and mire running.

Motto: Straight on is always closest.

Three things that make you happy: Hot food, Euskefeurat (Swedish folk rock band) and successful routing.

If the team had a super power, which one would it be and how would you use it? Flying, since straight on is always closest...


Our parents always said: "Sit down when you eat" and "porridge has bred more than it has killed"

This is what our siblings say about us: Are you leaving again?

How many days per year are you training? 1534

Things that motivate you: Biting mosquitoes, loud singing and the smell of the finish line

Persons who inspire you, and why: Ingemar Stenmark for his physique and dialect, Thomas Wassberg for his obstinacy, Gunde Svan for his efficiency and Evy Palm for her competitiveness.

The best thing about being outdoors is: That you don't have to be indoors!

This is how many days we travel per year: 42

Our dream destination is: We are still looking worldwide for something that can outdo New Zealand.

We never go out without: Dried moose meat, map and compass.

Three persons we would like to invite for dinner (optional from history): Astrid Lindgren, Leonardo Da Vinci and Sixten Jernberg

Latest book: Spanish for beginners

Latest movie: Sällskapsresan 2 - Snowroller

Our goal for this season: Fast and right

What we are doing as pensioneers: Trying to keep up with our grandkids in the woods.