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Land: Norge Aktiviteter: Snowboard Kayak adventure Född: 1984

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Hemsida: http://www.stianmedsekken.net/

Stian Aadland

Guide, photographer, lecturer

 Whether it’s in the land of the polar bears up north or the land of the penguins in the far south Stian’s life is about being in nature. To be as close to nature as possible Stian lives in the world’s northernmost town of Longyearbyen. At 78 degrees north he shares the land with some 2000 people and over 3000 polar bears.

“I take one step outside of my door and I am in the greatest wilderness of Europe. Endless mountains with the cleanest lines I have ever seen are waiting just minutes away. Yes, the weather is often bad here, and yes,  it’s a pain in the behind to carry a weapon while snowboarding, but at the end of the day, when the midnight sun lights up untracked mountains, it’s all worth it”.