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Stabil känga för avancerad vandring, med ett högre skaft som ger extra skydd i tuff terräng eller hårt väder.

Weight: 1000 G ½ PAIR (SIZE UK8)

Cleaning: Prepare the footwear by removing surface dirt such as mud and grit. When cleaning Haglöfs footwear, it is important to use a soft sponge under clean lukewarm running water. Dry the footwear off with a clean cloth or rag at a natural temperature. Do not use the aid of an external heat source or direct sunlight. Direct heat may alter the shape of the shoe. Footwear should never be cleaned in a washing machine.

For best comfort and foot climate, also clean the inside of the footwear now and then using a soft brush and lukewarm water. Remove the footbed before washing. To speed up drying, fill each boot or shoe with newspaper and let the paper absorb the majority of the moisture before removing it to allow the footwear to finish drying. Regardless of whether you clean the inside or outside, make sure your footwear dries at room temperature, never with the aid of a heater or drying cabinet (excessive heat may for instance cause the leather to crack). Cleaned footwear is best stored at room temperature using a shoe tree. Never store dirty shoes.

It is advantageous to treat boots and shoes with shoe wax before first use (remove the laces before treatment). Boots and shoes should be treated regularly with a small amount of shoe wax (do not use oil-based grease) that is worked into the leather by hand or with a soft rag. The wax not only protects against water, but also keeps the leather supple and durable.


  • EVA och PU mellansula för god stabilitet och låg vikt.
  • Gummikant runtom för bra skydd.
  • Memory foam runt anklarna ger god komfort och bra hälgrepp.
  • Hälsäkringssystem för enkel individuellt anpassad snörning.
  • Trippelsömmar med Kevlartråd på utsatta ställen.
  • Flexpunkter som gör det bekvämt att gå både uppför och nedför.
  • SOLE™ fotbädd som kan formas efter foten med hjälp av värme.


    • Upper: 2.2 - 2.4 mm water repellent full-grain leather
    • Lining: Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort
    • Footbed: SOLE anatomic custom shape
    • Outsole: Vibram® Four season
    Product-ID: "491470.900" Product name: "HAGLÖFS GRANIT HI GT MEN" Details: "Stabil känga för avancerad vandring, med ett högre skaft som ger extra skydd i tuff terräng eller hårt väder." Category: "Skor Skor" Price: "3 300 kr" Numeric price: "3300.0" URL: "url" Photo: Language: "sv"