Robin & Johanna

Adventurers of the Year 2016!

Our amazing adventurers!

We couldn’t be prouder of our friends Robin Trygg and Johanna Davidsson who both have been awarded the Adventurers of the Year 2016 for their amazing achievements last year!

Robin Trygg last year became the first Swede to have climbed both the south and the north face of Mount Everest. That was his second attempt in one year, as the year before he was stopped by the earthquake in Nepal and instead chose to focus all his energy on helping the locals get back on their feet after the catastrophe. 

Johanna Davidsson is the first Swede to have skied back and forth to the South Pole alone, a journey of 2270 kilometres. It took her 39 days skiing there and 12 days kiting back.  

Congratulations to two completely amazing adventurers and personalities, you deserve this so much!