Country: Sweden Activities: Skiing - Mountain biking - Fly fishing Born: 1981

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Johan grew up on small hills in the middle of Sweden. Alpine racing was the natural path he walked, but the slalom skis went straight to the basement after his first powder trip. Since then he's been traveling the globe in search for good snow, even though his "Sh*t F*uck-edit" he made with Epic TV made him famous for the opposite. "Enjoy all conditions, and you'll never have a boring day on the mountain" is his motto. In the off season, Johan tries to spend as little time as possible in his home in Stockholm, and as much as possible in a tent far out in the mountains, with a fly fishing rod in one hand and a mug of strong coffee in the other. Trail biking is his other big summer passion, but he claims he have to take it easy with that one, since Strava is about to take over his life...

Lives: Stockholm and Engelberg.

Interests: Trail biking and fly fishing.

My motto: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Three words to describe myself: Late, coffee-addict, money-ignorant.

Tre things that make me happy: Bea, wilderness, friends.

If you were a super hero, what power would you have? To be able to erase some traits of character from some people. I would use it to remove lust for power, greed and fundamentalism of different kinds.

My parents always told me: ”Will you eat all that?”

What my siblings always telling me: ”When are you gonna grow up?”

Why did you start skiing? Because it’s fun!

Days in the mountains per year: Really don’t know… 150?

My motivation: People who are thinking outside the box.

My role models: I try to find new inspiration every day.

The best thing about being outdoors: That you don’t have to be inside.

Dream journey: Often the next trip.

I never travel without: I would like to answer something else than ”my phone”, but I would lie if I did…

If I was president for a day I would: Probably get unsociable…

Three persons I would like to invite to dinner: Hitler, Gandhi and some smart person who would ask smart questions. I would just be silent, and try to understand both things I admire and hate.

Latest book: Oktober i Fattigsverige by Susanna Alakoski.

Latest movie: Force Majeure by Ruben Östlund.

The goal for the winter: To have a little bit more fun and ski a little bit better than last year.

What are you doing in five years? Feeling as good as I do today hopefully!

What are you doing when you retire? Fly fishing and lying.