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Country: Finland Activities: Freeskiing Born: 1985



Lives: Rovaniemi (FIN), Zillertal (AUT).

Role models: All the athletes, who have followed their passion, and never given up during injuries or other tough times. I have a huge respect for people, who have the carriage to live their lives the way they want, not they way they are expected to.

Three words to describe me: Ambitious, spontanious and outgoing.

Favorite food: My dad's moose stew.

If I was prime minister for one day, I would: Take a day off and go skiing! (I´m really bad at politics..)

The best thing about being outdoors is: You forget the rest of the world, and just live and enjoy that moment!

I never travel without: A picture of my doggies, Nipsu and Nyyti, if they are not travelling with me.

My motto: There´s a difference between living and being alive.

Something you don’t know about me: I have a diary to my friends, which I update every time I do something silly by accident (for example today I found a kitchen detergent in the fridge. And these things happen a lot!

Season plans: Skiing, skiing and skiing! We have a place in Zillertal (Austria) as a basecamp. A lot of skiing, travelling and competing on FWQ tour. Later in the spring heading to Finland, Sweden and Norway to continue the season as long as possible.

Other sponsors: Head, Bolle and Sauna beanies&wear.

Days in the mountains per year: Starting the season in the beginning of November and ending it in the end of May, so quite many, but I wouldn´t mind, if there were more.

Latest book I read: I´m really bad at reading just for fun (I´m lacking of concentration on certain things), so it must be some biology book for vet-school.