The company

A century ago, 1914, in Torsang, Sweden, a forester’s son named Wiktor Haglöf designed and assembled a backpack for local workers. From that humble start in a farmhand’s cabin, the company he founded has become one of the largest suppliers of outdoor clothing, hardware and footwear in the Nordic region, Europe and Asia, and a member of the ASICS® family since 2010.

We believe in our products. At the very heart of Haglöfs are our designers, outdoor enthusiasts and former professionals themselves, who develop concepts based not on the latest fashion trends, but on the needs of real users today and tomorrow. Each one represents the culmination of research and testing that can last for years. Every seam and zipper, every strap and material receives careful consideration. We give our friends, outdoor professionals and adventurers, versions for real-world testing and feedback. The result is a strong product, built on technology and experience, ready to face a host of challenges.

Haglöfs’ products reflect our core business concept, to be a responsible brand, meeting modern demands for users who invest in an active outdoor lifestyle. We believe that quality is something to be developed, and we strive to reach new heights, offering products with a high degree of functionality, good design and value. Our vision is to be a leader in the world markets, not only in the technical outdoor area, but also in sustainability.

Indeed, we incorporate sustainability in all that we do. At Haglöfs, we love to be in nature, and we do our best to be responsible. From carefully managing our factory shipments to reduce oil use, to developing PFC-free Durable Water Resistance without a loss in performance, we look for environmental opportunities in every aspect of our business. Haglöfs is a member of bluesign® and the Fair Wear Foundation, setting and meeting stringent real-world goals of recycling and toxicity reduction, as well as fair labor practices. Our Take Care label identifies those products and initiatives that strongly support our sustainability work.

For climbers and commuters, cyclists and skiers, and users in between, Haglöfs offers over 500 products, each designed to complement another, layer-upon-layer, for a wide range of activities, yet with an activity-specific feel. We design them with you, the user, in mind, and we are passionate about lending our support and expertise to your ventures.