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The new, innovative Observe GT Surround

shoes keep your feet dry and cool all day long

The revolutionary new GORE-TEX® SURROUND® means that waterproof shoes are breathable all-round (360 degrees) and keep your feet dry and cool all day long. An unbeatable combination for most outdoor activities.

Masashi Abe, Development Sourcing Manager at Haglöfs, is convincing when he talks about Observe GT Surround.

- We want shoes that are waterproof, but often find them too hot to wear. That was why Observe GT Surround was invented. 

A table in Masashi's office is simply covered with shoes lined up next to a swatch of colour samples and inspiring mood boards. Important for someone with a passion for what we put on our feet. He's been in the business for 16 years, and what Masahi doesn't know about shoes is probably not worth knowing.

GORE-TEX® SURROUND® is a totally new concept patented by Gore. What's special about Observe GT Surround is that it is totally waterproof, whilst being able to breathe all around - 360 degrees. It's also easy to walk in and has excellent cushioning material in the sole. 

Masashi demonstrates the technology in the sole, and shows us the ventilation channels through which humidity comes out and that prevent the shoes becoming hot to wear. The soft inner sole in Ortholite®  breathes while the cushioning provides optimum stability for every step. 

Quality, high performance shoes that can be used for a wide range of activities are much in demand, and given top priority in the development of all Haglöfs products. For example, a durable shoe with good grip comes as standard for all Haglöfs shoes, something that the Observe GT Surround features. 

But the road to achieving the perfect Observe GT Surround has not been easy. 

- It took twice as long to work on this shoe compared to the others in our range. Among other things, the test shoes failed the tough tests we put all our shoes through, which meant that these were tested repeatedly until they fulfilled the criteria we set. But we are now absolutely delighted with their performance!

Masahi says that his greatest wish right now is that the customer "enjoys the experience with the shoe".

GT Surround comes in two versions: Observe GT Surround, made of synthetic materials, and Explore GT Surround made from leather from Leather Working Group. But both feature the awesome 360 degree ventilation!