Country: Sweden Activities: Climbing & Skiing Born: 1987

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Photography by Henrik Trygg

Lives: Quite unclear. I spend a lot of time in Chamonix so I guess I have to call it my fixed point, in lack of alternatives. I also spend a lot of time in my "command center", a pretty shabby Ford Mondeo from '99.

Role models: Everybody who is comfortable with what they are doing in life.

Three words to describe me: Snow loving, restless, dedicated

Favorite food: My mum's meat loaf with potatoes, gravy and lingonberries.

If I was Prime minister for one day I would: Give a lot of money to some sort of information program that could explain to people that work, money and things aren't the meaning of life. I think everyone in Sweden would feel better then.

The best thing about being outside is: The feeling of freedom. Sometimes shared with friends and sometimes alone.

I never travel without: Something to read.

My motto: Have as much fun as possible!

Something you didn't know about me: I solved Rubik's cube in just over a minute and I can take my t-shirt off while heading a ball.

Season plan: Chamonix from December to March. Then northern Sweden and Norway all spring until the snow disappears. After that I will probably go back to the Alps for the summer.

Days in the mountains per year: 150-200

Latest book I read:Running with the Kenyans, by Adharanand Finn.