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Country: Finland Activities: Outdoors; hiking snowboarding stand up Born: 2014


Curly coated retriever / Life coach & personal trainer

Seeing the world through a viewfinder is a lot like seeing it with the eyes of a dog.

Life makes people look things from a larger perspective. They stress over long term goals, they wait for the next day, or the summer to arrive. A photographer and a dog share a common curious perspective for smaller things, things that might be invisible, or insignificant, to most people. But these small things tell a lot about life itself.  And that´s what happened when I turned my snowboard photographer human dad into a pet photographer and introduced my dog like philosophy to my pack.

Our outdoor life is made of hiking, camping, snowboarding and stand-up paddling. Many of our adventures are often easy-access and found nearby. 

Our trips and walks are often documented in photos and then posted on @kaffegram, my visual showroom online. And every now and then we get to inspire people too to go out, walk in the nature, stop in the nature and enjoy the company of their two legged and four legged friends.
But how did my human parents end up having a not so well-known breed like the curly coated retriever? After years of debating between an ex-labrador owner and an ex-poodle person they decided to meet in the middle. A curly coated compromise with the looks of a sheep with a fleeing hairline - I´m sure to turn heads where ever I go!
See you outside!