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Country: Finland Activities: Snowboarding & Mountain Biking Born: 1985

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Website: http://www.anttisworld.com/

Antti Autti


 Antti Autti was born close to the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Finland in 1985, and turned professional at the age of 16. Antti became world famous in 2005 when he followed up winning double gold medals (Big Air and Halfpipe) in the 2005 Snowboarding World Championships by being the first European to win the X Games Superpipe, beating Shaun White among others.

Antti’s technical skills in general, and his performance at the X Games especially, sparked what would become known as the “1080 Revolution”, where the bar was raised as to what you need to do to score well in competitions. Today, Antti produces his own freeride snowboard movies. Antti’s movie “Approach & Attack” (2014) was, for example, Onboard Magazine’s most viewed film that year. And his passion for snowboarding remains as strong as when he first started to ride.

We are so excited to share the Arctic Lights trailer - a documentary about our friend Antti Autti, by Kota Collective.
The full edit will be released December 2017. Enjoy!