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Summer hiking

Summer hiking

Walking is one of our favorite activities ever – whether it's a woodland walk with your dog or a week of hiking with a heavy backpack. And walking is even better with the right equipment. With our shoes, backpacks and clothes, you can stop thinking about your equipment and focus completely on having fun.

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We don’t have any sustainability projects

We don’t have any sustainability projects

For us it’s a way of living. It is our common responsibility to care for the world we live in. The same way our steps leave footprints in the snow, we leave an imprint on our world. Haglöfs chooses to tread carefully, and our goal is to minimize our impact on people and planet. 

We are gradually increasing and strengthening our more environmentally friendly offer by placing demands on ourselves to try to do better all the time; such as choosing a material with higher sustainability credentials or removing fluorocarbons in our water repellent treatments. Sustainability is fundamental to us, and we look at every part of our business as an opportunity for improvement.

We invite you to read about how we work with sustainability, and how far we have reached, in our new sustainability report.


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