New store in Åre

New store in Åre

In the end of 2015 we opened our first Haglöfs Store in Åre, located centrally at Årevägen 101. Åre is the biggest mountain and alpine sports village in Sweden with a long tradition of skiing and outdoor activities, both during winter and summer. It has hosted the Alpine World Championship twice already, and in 2019 it’s time again!

We are very proud of finally being a part of this beautiful village with its great history and future of outdoor activities. About 500 000 tourists visit Åre every year and now all visitors also get to meet both us and our great, sustainable products that are fully ready to take on the elements of the Swedish mountains.

A warm welcome to all of you!
//Store manager Anders with staff. 

Out touring - the summit ski touring trend and products

Out touring - the summit ski touring trend and products

The summit ski touring trend grows stronger and stronger as each year passes, and there are several reasons for this. The biggest reason is that ski touring is the perfect way to combine business with pleasure. You can look at it as whichever exercise you like, but with the bonus that you get an awesome run on the way home! Plus, you also get away from the masses of people and get to see new places. Win-win and so much more.

Your backpack should always contain a warming reinforcement garment, water, a little food, all the safety equipment for backcountry skiing, preferably an extra set of base layer, an extra pair of gloves and a hat. Remember: don't burn off all your energy on the way up, it is at the top where the most fun begins! /Johan Jonsson, Haglöfs Friend

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