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Emelie Björkman

Trekking & Flyfishing

Emilie come from a small village in the County of Dalarna. Her family has a long tradition of hunting and fishing and those hobbies are not only in her genes – they are her passion. These hobbies have resulted in a fly fishing guide education and many travels to various parts of the world in order to fulfil her passions. 

How would you describe yourself?
- Happy and smiling, stubborn and active.

What is the best thing about being outdoors?
- That I feel alive, healthy and fortunate to see so many beautiful places.

Favourite Haglöfs equipment?
- LEX 80 backpack, Oxo GT shoe , L.I.M III Jacket and the wonderful L.I.M Down Essens jacket.

What did we not know about you?
- I’m super scared of bears.

What do you plan next?
- I plan to arrange some courses in fly fishing and to do as much fishing and trekking as possible in the Scandis.

How many days a year do you spend at the river?
- Way too many if you ask my friends, ha ha!

What is your dream destination?
- Some very vast and unknown steal head rivers in Oregon or British Colombia.