Almost a hundred years of experience

Year 1914 we made our first backpack and still we choose carefully the lightest yet durable materials, add well thought-out details shaping carrying systems that fit your body as well as your choice of activity. In the range you´ll find heavy 95 liters expedition packs and lightweight 12-liter daypacks and everything in between. Packs for climbing, skiing, running and hiking but also travel bags for travelling around the world or just to the office. No matter which backpack you´ll choose, you will get almost hundred years of experience from the top to the hipbelt.



A range of highly functional backpacks for month long trekking expeditions, short day trips and everything in between. All products feature well tested constructions, functional materials and features that collectively deliver performance options to match any condition.


A series of backpacks fully featured for mountain sports and challenging conditions. Our mountaineering packs are durable, reliable and provide room for all the equipment you need.


Winter specific packs that hold everything you need whether going on a long and committing tour in the backcountry or cruising the lifts for fresh frontcountry lines.


Designed specifically for use during high-pulse activities such as running and cycling the intense series offers lightweight packs with a close-to-body fit.

Outdoor lifestyle

A line of hard-wearing smart looking bags and backpacks that are suitable for a multitude of different types of travel – incorporating seriously heavy duty fabrics where needed and differing levels of organizational needs.