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Over a century ago, a forester’s son was born in Torsang, Sweden. His name was Wiktor Haglöf. Wiktor was from his very first day not a big fan of the outdoors. Truth be told, he hated being outdoors when the elements turned against him. But living in the rough Nordic climate without proper gear is, to be honest, not that great. That’s why Wiktor in 1914 started creating backpacks that would make the outdoors a little more enjoyable.

Today his name has spread across the world as one of the world’s leading outdoor brands. And Haglöfs is still driven by Wiktor’s legacy: to provide the most reliable outdoor experience for everyone. Every seam and zipper, every strap and material are all carefully considered to inspire people, no matter whom or in what weather, to get out there.
Nature has always been the core of Haglöfs’ soul, which means that we as a brand constantly work hard to make the right choices and to minimize our impact on people and the planet. We incorporate sustainability into everything we do. From carefully managing the factory shipments to reduce energy usage, to developing fluorine-free, durable water-resistant materials that perform in any situation.
Simply put, you could say everything has gotten a lot more technical over the years. And bigger. Today, the company Wiktor Haglöf created offers over 500 different products. But they are designed with the same simple mind-set as that first backpack. To inspire you to get out there even when the rain is blasting against the window or the cold has put your thermometer far down in the blue zone.
The Haglöfs brand is primarily marketed to 25 European and Asian markets and the company employs more than 200 people.